Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Starter Kitchen: Callum Hann's first ever cookbook out soon

The guy's been very busy since MasterChef Season 2 wrapped up. After working in a couple of top restaurants down under, including MasterChef judge George Calombaris's The Press Club, Callum Hann has kept himself busy with various cooking demonstrations and events, and then later his Sprout interactive cooking classes.

And now his first ever cookbook,  The Starter Kitchen, will finally hit bookstores in March 2012.

callum hann_the starter kitchen

True to what Hann espouses, the cookbook is not the fancy type. Instead, it is reportedly aimed at helping the inexperienced cook get started on their cooking journey.

Hann said, "There is often a lot of assumed knowledge, which can be quite daunting for people new to cooking."

Exactly! More often than not, people trying to learn how to cook find themselves alienated by terms and jargons. So props for Mr Hann on this effort!

callum hann

With 192 pages, The Starter Kitchen contains over 60 cheap and super-quick recipes, along with a handful of menu ideas for different occasions.

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