Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stylish in denim with Replay Jeans

I was suddenly in the mood for some rugged, denim-dominated outfits, so I surfed aimlessly and came across the Official Replay Jeans site. I like the looks that I saw and felt I should be more creative in dressing myself up in denim, like this one below.

replay 01

Then it occurred to me that we did have a Replay store in Glorietta a while back. But ever since that section of the mall gave way to an ongoing renovation, I haven't heard of any news of them reopening someplace else. [UPDATE: I just saw a Replay store a few days ago in Greenbelt 5. So they're back after all.)

So I searched but wasn't able to find anyone nearby. They're everywhere but here. Online, there's this Replay Jeans (UK Shop) that I liked. I saw some cool items like this plaid shirt in burgundy (and burgundy was quite a familiar color in runways recently), and these dark blue denim jeans that's slim but not too skinny. Right now I think that I should move away from really skinny jeans because I grew a bit horizontally over the past year and they don't look that good anymore on me. At the same time, though, I'd like to keep it trim so I guess these jeans are perfect. I'm also partial to henleys, so I also like one.

Replay Jeans has got some history already. And another thing that tickled my fancy was that they have "organic jeans." Hmn... Anyway, you can check out these links for more info:

Note to self: find some relatives abroad who I can have items delivered to, find more items to fill a balikbayan box, and then have them all shipped to me here. But it would be much more convenient if they'd just reopen another store here.


  1. Hi I really like your blog and your styles,... I´ll follow you now! Hope you´ll follow me too!!
    Have a nice evening!

  2. Спасибо за исчерпывающие новости! А не поделитесь информацией, где можно найти Магазин Replay в интернете?
    Заранее спасибо!

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