Saturday, March 3, 2012

H.E. by Mango: S/S 2012 lookbook

I'm pretty sure I haven't been living in a cave but I honestly have never heard of an existing men's line for Mango up until now. Homini Emerito, or H.E. by Mango, is the Spanish label's men's line, and I never knew it's been in existence since 2008. At least I do now.

I don't know if H.E. is available in Mango stores here in the Philippines because their website only pointed me to a few countries in Asia, among them Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Anyway, I found a lot of great pieces, particularly from their Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook in which top model Noah Mills is featured.

I thought the suits are good, be they classic plain or patterned ones. I love the slim fit, of course. And oh, I see a real bow tie there; you know, the one you literally have to tie in a bow. Finding one here can be quite frustrating.

he by mango 01
he by mango 02

There are also blazers with elbow patches, which some purists detest but something I welcome. There are also some great knits and cardigans in the collection.

he by mango 03
he by mango 04

Casual outfits are also aplenty, which ranges from the too casual jeans and t-shirts to "classier" ones like a seersucker suit jacket paired with matching seersucker shorts. I thought the carryalls were great, too.

he by mango 05
he by mango 06

The shorts are perfectly cut to me; they're tapered and short enough to show some leg. The jeans are also noteworthy, which are available in classic denim and in bright, loud colors. A fitted leather jacket should be perfect with them.

he by mango 07
he by mango 08

That's it. I'm officially in love with the brand. Hopefully I could score some of their stuff real soon.


  1. I really love that brand from my country :D

    1. i also love zara, from your country as well.

  2. love H.E. !! amazing clothes !! and .. Spanish brand ! :) kisses !!

    1. i hope we can have it in our country.

  3. Nice collection, no doubt! Love the post :)


  4. I love the black one.


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