Friday, March 2, 2012

[Lookbook 03.02.2012] Cargo comfort


And just like that the week is over. It was a nice day, sunny and all that. It was nice to just step out in the sun even for a short while, even when I'm not on the beach, even when I'm just on the rooftop of our building. Oh, summer.

Today I went against fit, opting for something loose and comfy instead. At least one colleague thought I didn't look my usual self. Do I not?


I perfectly understand how the roomy fit and the presence of pockets just about everywhere on cargo pants can be unflattering to some people, even making them look shorter than they actually are. I'm lucky to find these cargoes, however, that are just a tad less baggy. I used to have even slimmer-fitting ones but sadly, they don't fit me anymore.

Anyway, these cargoes have a cheesy side to them. The bottom third of their length are detachable parts that allow me to wear them as shorts. Well, they're not that short; they're more like capri pants in length. And I just wore them a couple of weeks ago (see here).


Now how else would I wear these pants but with a t-shirt? It's Friday! The Chuck Taylors, of course, followed naturally. I also had to change bags, therefore this canvas messenger and in red for some color. The Paul Smith bag I've been using for, like, two weeks now just doesn't fit in the picture.


Enjoy the weekend, everyone!
T-shirt (Mossimo); cargo pants (Surplus Shop at SM); high-cut Chuck Taylors; oversized watch (Aldo); sunnies (i2i); messenger bag (Everlast).


  1. One of your best combinations so far, this casual look is great on you ;)

  2. i'm a fan of the cargo pants! looks good!


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