Monday, March 26, 2012

[Lookbook 03.26.2012] Mismatching


I'm not normally comfortable straying too far from the usual color combinations out there. In the case of my outfit today, I would have gone with either blue, black or gray pants with this plaid jacket, as I have several times over. Or if I'm to anchor everything else on the brownish-olive pants, then this jacket would immediately be out. I'd probably have something in brown or black with it.


But I thought I should expand my horizons and take a couple of risks here and there, and so the brownish-olive pants with the blue plaid jacket. Because the combination is already out of my comfort zone, I wore a plain white shirt to go with them. I mean, it's the safest choice. The tie isn't necessarily a tame choice but I took comfort in the fact that it borrows from the reddish color in the jacket's pattern. Then for my leather (shoes and belt), I went with dark tan.


Does it look odd or is it just fine? The thing is, I was confident in it and once I stepped out of our house this morning, there never was any moment when I felt conscious about it or anything. I simply owned it, I guess.


Anyway, happy Monday!
White shirt (Dansen at SM Department Store); tie and watch (SM Department Store); trousers and belt (Topman); plaid blazer (Zara); shoes (Tyler).


  1. i think this looks great on you! i just love that jacket.. i'm all about plaid!

  2. its all about being confident and owning it. If you look comfortable in it thats all that matters and people wont second guess! Im surprised because I would never have thought it would of looked good but I totally think it all blends in really well. Good work :)

  3. Really nice! Love the look! Your jacket is so nice!

  4. Hiii,just thought i'd stop by after seeing your comment! Your blog looking great and i am loving this look! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. your personal style is very remarkable! great men style!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. following

  6. Very pretty look! I love your blazer!

    xx :D


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