Monday, March 19, 2012

Man of style: Matt Bomer

He's that con artist-turned-FBI consultant in TV's White Collar. Although I'm not an avid viewer, I was instantly drawn to how Matt Bomer's character, Neal Caffrey, dressed up. He was always sharply dressed, mostly in suits.

matt bomer 01
GQ would be very approving of this getup.

His suits always fit him perfectly, with everything close to the body and his pants with just about the right length. He's mostly seen wearing a tie bar and cufflinks, and of course, his trademark fedora. Check out some of his looks in the series:

Matt Bomer
Perfect fit, perfect length... damn, he rocks it! And that slight tilt of his fedora? He's definitely got swag!

matt bomer 03
Classic suit-and-tie combo but with a hint of ruggedness with the shoes.

matt bomer 04
Here he shows us how to sport a DB jacket: do not button the bottom-right button. Strange, but that's just how it is. I also like how he went for a different color with the pants; talk about mixing and matching. Notice the tie bar? I could just go on and on here.

white collar 190311
Very dapper in a coat.

Matt Bomer
The perfect gentleman look with an umbrella in tow -- both classic and classy!

white collar 010910
He knows how to dress according to the season. Here he goes easy with a light-colored linen suit.

Exclusive: Stars On Set Of "Magic Mike"
You can totally dress him down and he can still make it look good. This one's not from White Collar, though, but from his upcoming male stripper flick Magic Mike.

Okay, I understand how stars can look really good on the set of something but screw it up totally in real life. Fortunately that's not the case with Matt Bomer. See him on the red carpet and in attendance at other events and you will definitely agree:

Looking good in a vertically-patterned suit. It's also interesting to note his choice of tie: still black but with that subtle pair of diagonal lines for contrast.

Looking sharp at the Golden Globes in a tux. He just looks so at home in it.

matt bomer 11
Hey, he can also go out in jeans and a plaid shirt.

matt bomer 12
Sharp shiny suit but Bomer relaxes it a bit here without a tie at the People's Choice Awards.

matt bomer 13
Dashing in a camel coat over a knit vest, over a shirt and tie.

matt bomer 14
Here he shows us how to rock a three-piece pinstripe suit while wearing a striped tie. One is vertical, the other diagonal; and one is bolder than the other.

The guy doesn't always go for his usual shirt-and-tie combo, however. In this set he shows equal comfort in more casual and relaxed outfits as he is with suits.

matt bomer 15
A cardigan in place of a suit jacket and yes, jeans.

matt bomer 16
Yes, it's a vest but more importantly, look carefully at how he puts stripes on top of stripes on top of yet another set of stripes. And he pulls it off!

A knit sweater is always fine, which is both casual and formal at the same time. Those glasses are nice, too.

While he clearly is so good at dressing up, expect to see him with less clothes on in the upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike with Channing Tatum and a host of other men. And oh, after much speculation he admitted just last month that he was gay.

matt bomer 18
Still looking good in dark jeans and a leather jacket.

But who cares? I'm talking about him being a man of style here.


  1. He has raised the style bar for actors big time. The best part aside from his killer looks is the elegant way he conducts his personal life. A role model for all.

  2. Loved the stripe mixture on the first pic!! He seems so effortless. Nice profile!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    @cristianpavezd on Twitter.

  3. Ahahaha i wish i could dress like him!

  4. Fantastic outfit with glasses and the moments of classic line.

    Un saludo desde Chiplessfashion.

  5. You are doing a great job here, i´ll be back soon.

  6. love it!!



  8. Awesome Looks...
    Nice Blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing... Keep sharing more
    Anastasia Steele

  9. He's got a sharp, refined look that will make anyone stare in awe at his suits that he wore on White Collar. And he has the same fashion sense outside the limelight.


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