Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Man of style: Steven Tyler

What? Yes, Steven Tyler. He obviously does not fit the bill of the suited type or the GQ man but hey, the man's got style. And he's got swag, baby!

steven tyler 01

Since joining American Idol, Tyler, together with fellow judge Jennifer Lopez, have glammed up the singing competition with their flair for fashion (forget Randy; he's hopeless). And I am more than happy to wait for what he's gonna wear each episode.

Tyler being a rocker, his style has always been flashy and over-the-top. It's definitely his, and is not for everyone. I can't even imagine myself wearing even half of what he puts on. But on him, everything looks so effortless.


Prints are a perennial favorite of the AI judge, no doubt. Leopard print, anyone? He can also wear a hell lot of pink (like he did on the Season 11 premiere) and still not remind you of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.

steven tyler 03
steven tyler 04

And as if the loud prints that he wears aren't enough, Tyler also has a tendency to layer different patterns in one outfit. It's a tricky business, mixing patterns with patterns. Nevertheless, Tyler makes it work -- and with flair.

steven tyler 05
steven tyler 07
american idol 020312
steven tyler 08

Capes and long jackets can add some swag to an outfit, and Tyler capitalizes on this often.

steven tyler 10
steven tyler 09

Much like Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler is also a master of layering and having a lot going on yet keeping it all together at the same time. He's not one who wears designer clothes as they are (at least I think he doesn't); he reinvents clothes, deconstructing them, adding on to them -- everything!

steven tyler 12

I specifically remember the guy wearing a "pirate shirt" once on AI last season; you know, the white, blousy and flowy shirt with really loose long sleeves. I wanted it so bad. Then just last week he descended on the stage strutting with his fellow judges in tight-fitting, flare polka dot pants with a cartoon of a woman's face on one leg. It's just sick! I mean, look at this:

steven tyler 14

He's already 60-something, by the way, and he still has it going -- a true man of style, however crazy.


  1. I lover here personal Style than he have.

    Besos chipless by Dave Vuitton

  2. OMG I like very much the Roy Liechtentein print on the trousers. I like his Roberto Cavalli Style, but I'm not so sure that in real life he uses this kind of garments. It's cool for the shows (tv, video, concerts), but can you imagine him at home with all that stuff on? ;)
    My favorite piece is definitely the Kimono embroidered jacket ;)
    Alessandro - http://www.thefashioncommentator.blogspot.com

    1. well i don't know. he probably just gets naked at home.


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