Friday, March 9, 2012

Man of style: The Voice's Chris Mann

Without a doubt there are a lot of good singers on The Voice, but this classically-trained guy who sings with an operatic voice caught my attention. Sure Chris Mann of Team Xtina has this great voice but I also noticed he was all suited-up during the blind auditions. Fast forward to the battle round, he wore a suit jacket to rehearsals. Rehearsals, baby, rehearsals! I thought, okay, this certainly is how he dresses.

chris mann 01

During the battle round, however, it wasn't a suit that he wore but a leather jacket, a purple tie and maroon pants. So the guy isn't strictly the suit-and-tie type after all. I thought it played a part in his trying to heed his coach's advice to loosen up. Nevertheless, he looked good.

chris mann 02
Chris Mann during the blind auditions. Love how he lightened up his gray suit with that plaid tie there.

chris mann 04
chris mann 03
Chris battling it out with fellow contestant Monique Benabou.

Chris Mann has actually been around the music scene for some time now, having performed at different venues and events. Heck, he even did a duet with American Idol's Katharine McPhee on David Foster and Friends in L.A. and in Washington D.C.! And in almost all those performances, he was always suited up.

chris mann 05
Performing at an event, Mann was dashing in a perfectly-fitted suit.

Despite his apparent propensity to go all formal, Mann also knows how to dress down. He wears a suit with sneakers, dons a suit-and-tie combo but with jeans, or puts on a suit jacket over a vest but yes, with jeans. He can also slip on a pair of worn out green loafers with a tux.

chris mann 06
In suit and sneakers with David Foster.

chris mann 07
Dressing up jeans for a The Voice pictorial.

chris mann 08
Performing in different shades of gray; again, in jeans.

chris mann 09
Mann rocking some worn out green loafers.

Apparently Mann has been doing some photo shoots already. And even if the styling were the work of some professional, he owns it and his sense of style just comes through the photographs.

chris mann 10
Casual chic but with those green loafers again.

chris mann 11
Oh, he does shades, too! The pocket square is definitely something that's part of his arsenal.

The singer is also fond of vests over shirts with rolled-up sleeves. Some preppy look there, huh!

chris mann 12
chris mann 13

And in case you don't know -- although I guess you already know -- Chris Mann was once a Warbler. See if you can spot him here:

chris mann 14

Despite all this, Mann still needs that big break in his music career. So good luck to him on The Voice. But whatever the outcome, he definitely is a man of style, and no one can take that away from him.

More of Chris Mann here:
Official website:
Twitter: @iamChrisMann


  1. Chris Mann is very talented and i love this style.
    He is always very stylish.
    Great selection of photos.

  2. He's got that effortless cool style that rivals Adam Levine :)


  3. love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!


  4. I didn't know about him, but he really is one stylish men :)

  5. glad you all agree on his style :)

  6. i like the post :) go to see my blog at:

  7. Me gusta su americana, pero el tema de traje con botines, a mí no me va !!

    Besos desde


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