Sunday, March 25, 2012

Separated at birth: The Voice's Serra Hill and...

If you've been watching The Voice, you probably know who Serra Hill is. She was the last contestant to make it through the blind auditions and therefore complete Christina Aguilera's team. Well, the "sassy diva" also got past the battle rounds and is now headed for the live shows.

serra hill 1
Serra Hill

But the moment I saw her, she reminded me so much of someone, a local celebrity here in the Philippines...

vice ganda 1
Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda! He She is a gay comedian and performer who's hosting a couple of shows on TV, performed in sold-out concerts, and starred in at least two blockbuster movies. Look, they even sport similar outfits:

serra hill 2
vice ganda 2

You sure they weren't separated at birth? There's actually another contestant on The Voice who reminded me of a muppet, Miss Piggy.


But I'm stopping myself short of saying who.

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