Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zooming in on the fantasy world of ants

I came across some really awesome photos today featuring of all things -- ants. They're the clever work of Russian photographer Andrey Paplov, who, while recovering from a spinal injury, began reading a lot about them. He later fashioned some props and photographed them in action.

The resulting photographs were impressive, awesome and cute all at once. Deprived of enjoying fairy tales in his childhood, Pavlov has now created his own fairy tales with these under-appreciated ants. It also helped that he had a theater background and the minuscule sets he painstakingly created have undoubtedly worked wonders.

pavlov ants 01
Team fishing!

pavlov ants 06
Mary Poppins!

pavlov ants 02
Don't you just admire the cooperative spirit of them ants?

pavlov ants 03
They're really strong, aren't they?

pavlov ants 04
Scenes from the World Cup.

pavlov ants 05
They're probably confused as to how they're supposed to get this thing running.

pavlov ants 07
Simply awesome!

I salute you, Mr Pavlov! You're a true creative genius!
You can check out more of these awesome photos from the following sources:
Daily Mail Online


  1. It's so pretty and very creative. I love these photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jajajaja Enjoy pictures!

    besos chipless by Dave V.

  3. thanks, guys. they're really cute, aren't they?


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