American Idol hangover: The tale of the diva godmother and her protegé

Yes, I do still have a hangover from American Idol's Season 11 finale. Lots of both great and so-so moments but altogether, it was one helluva show. Yes, Philip Philips won but it's the epic duet of runner-up Jessica Sanchez and original Dreamgirl Jennifer Holliday that I still can't get over with.

Sure, Jessica already performed the song, "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)" not too long ago but she was much, much better here. Arguably it's because she was sharing the stage with a monster of a performer in Jennifer -- over the top as over the top as it can be, complete with exaggerated facial expressions and incessant growling and screaming. I think she was able to feed on Jennifer's energy onstage and although there's no topping Jennifer, Jessica held her own. Watching the performance, which easily trumped the earlier screaming match between Fantasia and "Mantasia" Joshua Ledet, was all at once fun, funny and exhausting. I mean, seriously!

Now let's lighten up a bit and mess with a couple of screen grabs:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jessica was trying to impress diva godmother Jennifer, but...

jessica holiday 01.png
jessica holiday 02.png
jessica holiday 03.png

And so diva godmother mentored her diva-in-training...

jessica holiday 04.png
jessica holiday 05.png

In all fairness, she was appreciative of Jessica whenever she got it right...

jessica holiday 06.png

Ecstatic, and believing that little Jessica was a sure win, she got on her feet and started dancing...

jessica holiday 07.png

J.Lo did not approve and was obviously disgusted...

jessica holiday 08.png

But J.Lo's mic was on and diva godmother heard everything she said and called her out...

jessica holiday 09.png

Diva godmother expected nothing less of Jessica and pushed her hard...

jessica holiday 10.png
jessica holiday 11.png

And when some members of the audience were screaming "Philip," of course...

jessica holiday 12.png
jessica holiday 13.png

But when the winner was announced, diva godmother's reaction was priceless...

jessica holiday 14.png
jessica holiday 15.png

But Jessica had something else in mind:


Meanwhile, Philip was already really hungry he ate confetti...

philip 01.png

But instantly realized it was extremely spicy and teared up...

philip 02.png

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now here's the video of that cuh-razy duet:

Till next year!


  1. hahaha. i enjoyed your post. really. it's hilarious.

    btw, i followed you. it would be nice if you would follow back.

    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!
    xx, Kai

  2. Hehe, I wish our Idol contest lookS like this :D


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