Saturday, May 5, 2012

H&M's 2012 swimwear collection

It's really frustrating that we still don't have H&M in the Philippines despite several rumors before (at least Uniqlo's opening in June). And seeing their new swimwear collection only makes me pine for the Swedish brand even more.

I especially love the swim shorts here. They're of the perfect length for me although they also have longer ones like board shorts. If H&M were open here right now, I'd instantly break my promise not to buy any beach-related items this summer.

hm swim 01

The shorts are short enough for me, and the tank top is just awesome.

hm swim 02
Another one of these "short" shorts, and in a very desirable solid green color.

hm swim 03
Red, white and blue: simple but the fit is just the right balance between snug and roomy.

hm swim 04
This has got to be my favorite of the bunch. It's just so sexy (although I doubt I'll look sexy in it) and the fact that it comes with a belt is awesome.

For more of H&M's swimwear collection, click here.


  1. It's really nice, shorts are great :)

  2. You'll definitely look sexy in those shorts, enough said. ;)


    Luis (my blog!)

    1. hehe. i don't think i will. but thanks :)

  3. Pag may H&M dito, matakot na si Mon sa shopping ko!! Hahaha! ;)


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