Kiwi Dive Resort: Where 'The Backpacker' stayed in Siquijor

Me backpacking in Siquijor didn't just mean going there with a backpack. So to lessen the chances of me being tagged as a poser, I sought out the cheapest accommodation that I can find. After much thought, and for just Php 690 a night, I picked Kiwi Dive Resort.

My little cottage at Kiwi Dive Resort.

The resort is located along Sandugan north of Larena, which, in turn, is north of Siquijor town. From the port, it's a thirty-minute ride to Kiwi. Although it's the only one of three adjacent resorts in Sandugan that offers full diving services, it's a small resort with only seven cottages.

I got cottage no. 3, a fan-cooled structure with concrete walls and nipa roofing. It had a small porch in front that faced the garden. And in case I forgot that I was in a backpacking state, my bed had a mosquito net over it. Quite charming, actually. There's a shower in the bathroom, though, and towels are provided.

My tiny porch where I occasionally spent time reading.

The view of my room upon entering the door.

Mosquito net! I truly was in the province.

In lieu of a closet, I had this.

The bathroom. Probably not the poshest but hey, I was backpacking! Showering was an exercise in patience, however, as the water pressure was just too weak.

My cottage, along with five others, were not on the beachfront. Getting to the beach entails descending a flight of concrete stairs, where the restaurant, staff house, and two other cottages are.

A glimpse at the other accommodation options.

The foliage-covered pathway that lead to the concrete stairs and down to the beach.

My daily forced exercise.

Downstairs, there were a lot of trees that collectively provided a thick shade throughout the day. There's a small bar down here and a lot of seating options where you can eat, drink, or simply chill out. WiFi is free for guests in this area although there's a computer that you could use for Php 50/hour if you don't have one with you.

I found the food okay, with no reason to either rave or rant about. Speed of service was good although I don't know if this is still the case had the resort been fully-booked. Nevertheless, the staff are quite casual and friendly.

The heavily shaded beachfront area. At the far end is cottage no. 1, the biggest of seven accommodation options.

The cute little bar.

Going back upstairs to your room to take a leak too tiring? There's a charming little restroom here.

Kiwi is in a considerably quiet spot of Siquijor. There's not a lot of people around except for a couple of tourists and some fisher folk. As for the beach, it's pretty much the same as any point in the island. It's shallow and can be very extensive when the tide ebbs. This side of Siquijor also faces west, so you can enjoy sunset views from here. They're not the most glorious, though, because unfortunately, the mountainous island of Negros cuts the fun short by blocking the sun before it totally sets.

During high tide, this is the only piece of beach you'll get.

Wasn't lucky enough to witness really glorious sunsets here. This was probably the best, as far as best goes, that I've seen in my three days here.

Although I don't dive, I noticed that Kiwi's rates are quite cheap. They also prefer to hold smaller dive expeditions over larger groups. Apart from diving, they also rent out snorkeling gear, bicycles (Php 275/day) and motorbikes (Php 450/day). And while dogs are what you normally see in homespun resorts like this, Kiwi has cats for furry friends.

My kitty companion while on vacation.

All in all, Kiwi Dive Resort is a decent place to stay on a budget, especially if you want some peace and quiet. But if you're used to eating out at other places, then you may have a bit of a problem because there are only two other options nearby. Otherwise, you'll be just fine here.

To get to Siquijor, you can refer to directions here. Once in Siquijor, it's fairly easy to hire either a motorbike, tricycle or multicab/jeepney to Kiwi Dive Resort. Fares are regulated; check with the nearest tourist assistance center outside the port. (From my experience, a tricycle from Siquijor town cost me Php 250.)

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  1. Looks so tropical! Great photos :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. Seems you had a great vacations ! Great pictures !

  3. This was where I stayed when last visited :)

  4. OMG...That bathroom and that closet would have been my nightmare. But you had beach with a beautiful landscape and view. I think it's Ok even with that kind of clothes hangers ;)
    Wonderful paradise!!!
    Alessandro -

    1. it's for backpackers anyway, so it's not really a problem.


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