Saturday, June 2, 2012

[Lookbook 05.11-14.2012] Backpacking and beach bumming


While summer is just starting in other parts of the globe, the rainy season has already kicked in here in the Philippines. While I don't necessarily hate the rain, I miss the sun. Good thing I made just one last trip to the beach last month. But traveling alone presented a slight problem in who's gonna take my pictures.

The solution came in the form of a tripod and my driver/guide in Siquijor, so I was able to bring home photos for a lookbook post.

Day 1
En route to Siquijor I was in shorts, a tee, and a pair of Sanuks. But once I hit the beach, it was swim shorts all the way.


Good thing these shorts still fit me because I like them the way they are: short and comfy. And who could go wrong with wearing a black tank top with them?


Day 2
On my second day I went on a day-long tour around the island in neon swim shorts, ready to jump into any body of water that I find inviting. And violet looks good with pink, doesn't it?


One of the straps of my flip-flops snapped. Luckily I brought along my trusty yet rarely-worn rubber sandals. I also liked it that the backpack I bought had a detachable ascent pack, which served as my bag throughout this tour.


Day 4
I realized I didn't have a picture of myself on Day 3. Day 4, I was back with my backpack and Sanuks all the way from my resort in Siquijor, to the ferry ride to Dumaguete, and up to my flight back to Manila.


In the meantime, it feels good to just stay in bed in this rain.
Day 1: tank top (Penshoppe); swim shorts (Marks & Spencer); sunnies (i2i). Day 2: printed sleeveless shirt (People R People); neon swim shorts (SM Department Store); sandals (Tribu); ascent pack (part of 50-liter backpack, Conquer). Day 3: t-shirt (Penshoppe); walking shorts (Bench); footwear (Sanuk); watch (Timex); backpack (Conquer).


  1. Good lookbook :)

  2. These photos are really great and these outfits absolutely nice.

  3. It was a great travel!!!
    i want to be like you in the first pic!!!

    Love your pink shorts!!

    1. haha - the first pic, the epitome of laziness?

  4. Often paradise,
    I love he look's .

    Regards from

  5. No matter! Here in Italy is summer, but there has been an earthquake (so no joy) and the sky it's constantly covered with clouds all the time.

    Alessandro -

    1. yup, heard about that quake. my heart goes out to your people.

  6. Great place!!! love the photos! ;)

    Kisses from Italy



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