Rediscovering Jockey

In as much as I'm drawn to fashionable clothing, I'm likewise attracted to stylish underwear. I'm not a tighty-whiteys kind of guy and I normally go for black or any other dark shade when it comes to briefs, but I am, however, also quite fond of colorful designs.

It's good to know, therefore, that pioneering brand Jockey is gradually stepping out of its default white, gray and black pieces. They now have some color!

jockey 00_tebow

Ever since the first jockeys (it's what they named the design) were sold in 1935, Jockey has successfully created a necessity for men. Because briefs are obviously indispensable nowadays, it's hard to believe they never even existed until the mid-1930's and I really just can't imagine what they wore underneath their pants back then.

The brand is known for its quality; otherwise, I don't think they would have lasted this long. And I can very well attest to the comfy fabrics that they use and the durability of their products. Even the elastic materials that they employ are A-grade. I don't remember experiencing "bacon briefs" with them ever.

Sure Jockey has kept the classics but it's their foray into new designs that gets me excited, their Sport line being one example. It uses a lightweight fabric and even sports mesh panels for breathability. More than function, I think it's stylish!

jockey 01

The brand, however, hasn't gone all wild with their designs, and I respect that. Having briefs in solid orange or green, I think, is more than enough. At least they now know color. Here are some of my picks from Boxers-and-Briefs:

jockey 02
Green, baby, green! From Jockey's Sport line.

jockey 03
Jockey's 8-way stretch brief. Interesting.

As long as Jockey keeps on innovating and focuses on quality, I'm sure they'll be around for a very long time.


  1. It would be nice if they put on some prints, maybe stripes or geometrical. Isn't it?
    Alessandro -

    1. I agree. Maybe they're getting there. Having color is one step already for them.

  2. I have always loved Jockey. I actually have some with print designs on them!

    1. really? they have print designs? i've got to see them!

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  4. i did not know about that brand!!!


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