Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fjälling in love with Fjällräven

This rainy season has given me reason to bring out jackets from my closet that haven't been used in months. In turn, this thing with jackets has likewise given me reason to enjoy the wet weather. Curiously, it's got me thinking about the highlands right now, cozying up in a cabin somewhere, surrounded by pine trees. I also remember those days when I was still living a more active lifestyle, trekking for hours to escape the lowland heat and enjoy the chilly air atop a mountain.

Me atop the 2nd-highest point in the Philippines back in 2004.

Of course we had to contend with rain many times over, but we always knew better by being prepared with the right gear and clothing. Waterproofing was always important, something Swedish brand Fjällräven thought about in making their pants and jackets by using G-1000 fabric. What originally was made for tents, the tightly-woven 65% cotton / 35% polyester blend treated with Greenland Wax has proven itself perfect for outdoor garb.

stuga jacket
The Fjällräven Stuga jacket in black

The name Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish that has greatly inspired its founder, Åke Nordin. These little predators live in the harshest of climates up in the Swedish mountains. Small and tough -- I do understand why they've inspired him.

arctic fox
Adorable baby arctic foxes.

Fjällräven's story began in 1950 when then-fourteen year-old Nordin built a wooden frame for his backpack because he wasn't happy with the ones available then. His design allowed for an improved weight distribution across the back and consequently, more stuff to put in. Since then, the brand has expanded immensely into not just bags but shirts, sweaters, jackets, shorts, pants, and other outdoor wear.

kanken bag
The classic Kanken bag in navy.

I'm especially loving their pants, which look really good and functional. For outdoor stuff, I've also always had a soft spot for zip-off pants that turn into shorts in an instant.

keb trousers
The Keb trousers.

abisko zip-off trousers
Abisko zip-off trousers.

sten shorts
The Sten shorts.

Fjällräven is a widely-distributed brand, so there's no shortage in retailers that carry them. Nevertheless, the brand has never allowed itself to be swayed by fleeting trends but rather, their focus has always been about durability and innovation in terms of material, in how weight can be further decreased and in how to afford more freedom of movement for the people wearing its clothing and carrying its gear.



  1. Awww, those baby foxes are adorable :D

  2. the first pic it's amazing
    the clouds sourranding the montain

  3. Your first pic is awesome!!!

    Nice clothes!


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