Guest post: Some unwanted guests on Friday the 13th

(Apparently the cats snuck into our room while we were asleep, tinkered with the Mac, managed to locate last Friday's photos, got lucky I didn't log out of my Google accounts, and blogged away.)



Foreman: Oh yeah, that's me, a black cat who's unfortunately been stereotyped with bringing bad luck on Friday the 13th and all that crap -- which is grossly unfair, by the way. Guess what, it looks like I was the one presented with bad luck last Friday -- yes -- the 13th.

Kwittie Boy: We were looking forward to a stress-free weekend, patiently waiting in the dark for our human slaves to arrive from work (although I'm not sure if they've actually been working).

F: We heard the sound of their car, then the gate. We were expecting the door to open, but then it seemed like eternity.

KB: We were wondering why the door hasn't opened yet. I was so looking forward to sneak out when it does because I was dying for some fresh air. I was having cabin fever already.

F: After what seemed like eternity, the guy-slave came in, but was quick to block the opening. He proceeded to get some dry food and put it in a plastic. It seemed odd. Then he went out again.

KB: We were befuddled and could only speculate what was happening. Then after another eternity, they came in and were in an unusually perked-up mood.

F: When these humans act like this -- especially the lady -- I know it's best to get away from them as quick as possible or else be subjected to a round of embarrassing babying and squeezing.

KB: Then I heard voices. Cat voices. No, something smaller...


KB: Horror of horrors -- on Friday the 13th at that -- they brought in a pair of filthy little kittens! My feline instincts immediately told me to hiss at such a bold transgression.

F: I couldn't believe it myself. Then the lady-slave placed them right in front of our dishes and the ugly little f*#ks instantly devoured our food like a bunch of savages.


KB: It was unbelievable. I hissed and growled and hissed but they seemed oblivious. I wanted to pounce on them but I was afraid of what I might get if I touch even a single strand of their filthy fur. I could only watch in disgust.


F: I don't understand these humans why they seemed so overjoyed with those kittens that they even took turns cradling them. I couldn't stand it so I sprinted up the stairs.

KB: I wanted to puke.

F: One of them even dared check my toilet out. The nerve!


KB: Eventually they let them out -- thankfully. But I felt like I was suddenly itching all over.

F: When they came back, the lady-slave even had the gall to touch me with her filthy hands! I protested, of course.


KB: At one point Foreman and I thought of spooking the humans since it was Friday the 13th.

F: Turns out we were the ones spooked.


KB: Not happy at all. We better do something about this.

F: Like, plot our next move? I'm in.

KB & F: *Hiss*

(You can check out Kwittie Boy's and Foreman's other guest post rant here.)


  1. Hehe, your cats are not really happy about kittens :D

  2. ooh! so so lovely! take some pictures with them :)

  3. hahaahahahahaaha yeah, sure! the kitty cats are soo cute!

  4. Loved those cats!! Dramatic and mysterious!!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile.
    Twitter: @cristianpavezd

  5. hahahaha you're not pesimist boy, i like it :9

    kiss by B.

  6. beautiful cat! Love!!
    Follow you.. i hope that you follow me back!

  7. omg.... funniest post ever! never seen so many cats at once either


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  9. So cute cats! Love these photos. They are so great.


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