Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sen. Tito Sotto tries a different plagiarism trick by using translation

Tito Sotto, the benevolent plagiarist-senator, does it again. There seems to be no stopping the man from plagiarizing the works of others. Likewise, there seems to be no amount of convincing or pressure that would make this man admit to such act.

This time, however, Sotto (okay, his staff) ditched the all-too-obvious copy-and-paste in favor of working his brain a little bit -- by translating parts of the late Robert F. Kennedy's speech into Filipino and of course, make it appear as if it were his own. I can't help but admire the senator's dedication and steadfastness in digging up his own grave.

tito sotto - rfk
[Source] -- So I won't be accused of plagiarism myself :)

If you're having a hard time reading the text, you can check this blog post here.


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