Alfred Dunhill: Classic British luxury

Despite no longer being 100% British-owned, men's luxury brand Alfred Dunhill has remained as British as ever through all these years. The brand has wisely steered clear of the trendy and the whimsical, and has instead stayed true to its classic style.

Today Alfred Dunhill offers a wide selection of shirts, suits, coats, ties, knitwear, and other pieces of clothing. More so, it boasts of a fine choice of leather from stylish wallets and belts, to everything from bags, luggage, and even iPad cases.

A glimpse into their latest lookbook reveals a very dapper gentleman -- very James Bond.

dunhill 01
dunhill 02

Curiously, Alfred Dunhill and James Bond have once shared a longstanding connection because a number of the brand's pieces have been used in several 007 films before all the way from the Sean Connery era up to Pierce Brosnan. Bond may not have been suited up by Dunhill but rather, the suave spy had been using Dunhill lighters and cufflinks in the films.

Arguably the most famous and prominent connection of Dunhill to Bond would have to be in 1989's License to Kill, when Bond receives a Dunhill lighter as a gift from his friend Felix Leiter and his wife Della with the following inscription:


It's hard not to fall in love with the luxury brand's pieces. Their wallets, for example, sport a classic, understated elegance to them.

dunhill 03
dunhill 04

And why would James Bond be so fond of their cufflinks is evident in the brand's combination of style and fine craftsmanship. I also personally love that they have a few rather eccentric designs but which are still never loud enough. Talk about a gentleman's perfect choice for flair!

dunhill 05
dunhill 06
dunhill 07

Alfred Dunhill has stores, classily called "Homes," in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. They also have an online shop that offers free delivery service and returns.
Except for the Dunhill lighter, all other photos are from


  1. Superb clothes...

  2. Very classy outfits and beautiful accessories. Everything is so elegant.

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  9. You look gorgeous! This outfit is really stylish and elegant.


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