Friday, January 25, 2013

'Imeldific' is out, 'Shoephoric' is in

Imelda Marcos may be synonymous with shoes but today, anyone can be her (or his) own little Imelda. Exactly a fortnight ago I found myself at the LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig for a year-starter event by It was an evening of cocktails and nothing but good vibes.

Founded by Ann Jacobe, is the first online and mobile social network for shoe lovers, a place where shoe aficionados can converge, interact, or simply profess their love for shoes and express their shoephoria over their latest finds and dream must-haves. It now has over 100,000 members worldwide.

Shoe sculptures on display at the event.

It was a fancy yet friendly vibe here.

Shoephoric also has a place for shoe designers and merchants, and contests for everyone's delight. There's also more coming up, like if you're bold (and maybe desperate) enough, you can post your dream shoe and get everyone from your friends and family to total strangers to pitch in and fund your desire. Shoephoric is also bent on promoting Filipino craftsmanship as a partnership with craftsmen from Gapan, Nueva Ecija is currently in the works, which, in turn, should also improve their livelihood.

ADM_0223 founder Ann Jacobe, wearing a pair of very playful Jimmy Choos.

But how did such an event wind up in a wellness clinic? It's all because of love for shoes. LifeScience executive director Marv Romero-Salas is a Shoephoric member, so the partnership shouldn't come as a surprise. It was actually quite cute to see dozens of pairs from the fabulous shoe collections of Jacobe Romero-Salas all around the venue.

There were Louboutins on tables, McQueens on a shelf, a pair of YSL platforms that hung from the pole of an infusion pump, several pairs from local shoe designer Tal de Guzman alongside fitness equipment, and dozens more in every single room and space at the posh wellness center. There were also a couple of sculptural creations by Ferdinand Cacnio that made up a centerpiece display, along with de Guzman's "The Lady of Devotion" that was up for auction.

Left: Sustainable Growth; right: Temptation

Front: Marry Me; rear: Flight of Odette

De Guzman's Lady of Devotion is made of handcrafted leather that sits on top of an intricately carved wedge from Paete, Laguna. The wedge is already a piece of artistry all unto itself with people's faces, chains, and flowers carved out of malasantol wood. It was up for silent auction at a starting bid of Php 20,000 for the benefit of Musmos, a local charity.

The Lady of Devotion.

Lady of Devotion wedges, ready for some leather.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 113
It's really cute how they placed the shoes all around the clinic. So I guess both shoes and the center (and all its features and facilities) were on display here. Perfect pairing, I say!

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 111
There were also paintings from Ray Piedra,'s graphic designer.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 117
There was everything from high heels to Aztec-inspired sneakers.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 114
Some Christian Louboutins.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 115
Top: some spiky Louboutins; bottom: an outlandish Alexander McQueen pair.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 112
More shoes.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 116
Some fabric stiletto-boots.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 11
Some Tal de Guzman creations for her Risqué Designs line.

My Bibe, our friend Paul Pajo, with Ann Jacobe.

Smart DevNet's Paul Pajo and Jim Ayson with My Bibe.

I was really impressed by the swanky LifeScience center. They seem to have everything here, including a surgery and recovery room, an oxygen chamber, a fitness room and more. Dr Ben Valdecañas, LifeScience medical director, gave a short talk befitting the occasion and the shoe-loving guests -- foot wellness! And my takeaway? Always wear something that supports your foot's natural arch.

The surgery room.

The recovery room. And boy, no PCs here. All Macs!

Fitness room.

My Bibe and Paul with Mitch Genato of LifeScience. He was explaining to us the oxygen chamber.

All guests were requested to have their photos -- and of their shoes, of course -- taken by the photo wall. It was cool because the photos represented a guest's entry to an electronic raffle that was flashed onscreen as it happened. Prizes included six gift certificates from Posh Nails, a gift certificate for a customized pair of shoes from Risqué Designs, and two LifeScience micronutrient tests with one-year supply of designer nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements are customized based on your body's needs). And My Bibe won! Yay!

My Bibe won this, which, I understand, has quite the value.

But the biggest prize was for "Shoephoric of the Night," which went to guy -- a one-year LifeScience health program worth a whopping Php 206,000! It includes consults, a micronutrient test, a food intolerance test, a hormonal test, and a one-year supply of designer nutraceuticals.

shoephoric event at life science, bgc_2013 01 118
Some of the fabulous shoes guests wore to the event. The silver-and-black Giacomorelli brogues (bottom right) belonged to the adjudged "Shoephoric of the Night."

So where was I the whole time? Taking pictures. Good thing I found one with me in it from Yay!

_me at shoephoric

Sign up now at I just did! And for your wellness needs and supplements tailored to what your body only needs, visit


  1. Amazing event and pics !!!!


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