Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Throwback Thursdays 02.21.2013] Back when Bamboo was still Smart

I'm not really one who'll approach a celebrity and request for a photo but apparently, back in October 2004, I had one of those rare moments.

2013 02 21_01.png

This is me with Bamboo Mañalac, erstwhile lead vocalist of the Filipino rock bands Rivermaya and Bamboo, and who's now performing as a solo artist. Oh yes, I was sooo dark from all the beachcombing and mountaineering back then.

This photo was taken during his Bamboo (the band) days at a concert in Zamboanga City. At the time, I think his band was signed up by Smart Communications for a series of concerts across the country, which were usually tied to the telco's promotional activities and events. We met him backstage before the show and were seated front row during the concert.

2013 02 21_02.png

Interestingly, the concert was held in broad daylight. It does sound a little unusual but it was for safety reasons. I mean, we were in southern Philippines after all. And mind you, there were at least two truckloads of army soldiers to keep the peace.

2013 02 21_03.png

Come to think of it, I miss Zamboanga.


  1. Fantastic band !!
    great pictures !


  2. Well, i think you look so much better than this celebrity.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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