Saturday, April 6, 2013

Capology: It's all about caps... and more!

There was once this phase in my life when I wore baseball caps a bit often, especially when I didn't want to worry about styling my ugly hair. I've been thinking why I have stopped wearing them somehow since it also served me a purpose, and that maybe I should wear them again, at least sometimes. But I don't know where my caps are in the house right now; sucked up in a black hole perhaps.

Browsing, I stumbled upon online store Capology that sold, well, what else but caps! I'm not really the sporty type and I'm not much into hiphop and urban wear either. But still I saw a lot of pieces that I think will suit my usual style, like these cute Marvel and DC designs here:

Marvel and DC Comics designs from New Era.

Cute, right? I also thought this striped number here would provide a nice twist to a preppy outfit. I mean, looking at it I'm reminded of seersucker suits.

King Apparel Rs 5panel in navy.

Capology first started with a physical store and only ventured into online selling later on. They carry a host of independent and large brands like King Apparel, AFE Clothing, Dope, Hashtag 5 (#5), SSUR, and a lot more. They also have limited pieces of their own, like these two below featuring the Capology logo:

Limited-edition Capology-designed caps.

But Capology is more than just caps. They likewise have a variety of T-shirts, vests, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and even underwear and backpacks. The store is a definite go-to destination for urban-style wear, and they're not stopping with what they already have as they are in continuous pursuit of other brands both independent and bigger, more established ones.

Cool designs for sweats and tees from King Apparel.

They also hold contests from time to time, so be on the lookout. Just recently, one lucky guy who's never owned a cap before just won himself £150 worth of caps and clothing and another £150 in credits for spending at Capology.

In the meantime, I'm trying to wear caps again.

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