Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kwittie Boy's summer cut

I haven't posted anything about our cats in a very long time. Anyway, yesterday we finally brought our oh-so-furry Kwittie Boy to the groomer because it's just so hot. Imagine wearing a fur coat day in and day out at temperatures between 34 to 36 degrees Celsius! I'm sure that's how he feels. (Just look at him here.)

rsz01 20130409_150831
Time to go, Kwittie Boy.

Our cats aren't used to going out of the house that much, so whenever Kwittie Boy sees me bringing out the pet carrier, he scampers away. He hates it. Just look:

rsz02 20130409_151225
A visibly pissed off Kwittie Boy inside his pet carrier.

We had his fur trimmed short but kept those around his face and the tip of his tail still long. I didn't want him shaved because I believe it'll impact his self-esteem. When we picked him up, we realized just how thick his undercoat is -- even when already trimmed short. So here he is:

rsz03 20130409_180253
Who's that cat? Simba, is that you? Look at the tail!

rsz04 20130409_180237
His fur is still so thick, don't you think?

rsz05 20130409_180242
He doesn't seem too pleased with his haircut.

My Bibe and I both feel Kwittie Boy hates his new look. I mean, he was such a princess then with his long coat and now he looks like a... poodle? Hehe. He so hates us right now and he refuses to look at the camera.

rsz06 20130409_182358
Hi, little poodle!

rsz07 20130409_202914
In his mind he's saying "F%&* you!"

rsz08 20130409_203019
Our poodle-cat inspecting some new deliveries at our door.

rsz09 20130409_203259
Little Thordis is so fond of Kwittie Boy's tail right now, she keeps on following him.

rsz10 20130409_180221
Oh well, Kwittie Boy, you're just so cute!

It's for your own good, dear Kwittie Boy. Don't worry; it'll grow back.


  1. what an adorable name... kwittie boy!!!

  2. I'd love to be a cat. Sometimes I think I am one already.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  3. haha so cute !

  4. He's so adorable.. The new look suits her well. It's just right with this unexplainable HOT weather.

  5. aww he is so cute! Thats a wicked cat carrier as well!

  6. Your cat is just adorable!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. your cat is super duper cute

    xx Domenic


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