Swimwear 2013: Topman and Zara

I'm loving all the short shorts I see from British top retail brand Topman and Spanish label Zara for their 2013 swimwear offerings. There's a good mix of color, conservative, and bold prints from both of them. So could you blame me?


topman swimwear 2013
When Topman opts for color, then it's color -- and neon at that! Also loving the bold tropical print in the other piece here.

topman swimwear 20131
While Miranda Priestly may scoff at the idea of florals for spring/summer ("Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.), it's still something I like. More so, I'm happy with how Topman is reinventing floral patterns here.

topman swimwear 20132
Topman also offers both solid and somewhat smudged, muted prints.

topman swimwear 20133
I both like them but if I'd have to choose, I'd go for the one on the left, just because it's shorter.

For more of Topman's swimwear 2013 collection, click here.


rszcollage_zara swimwear 2013_01
Zara has its own take on bold prints with these camouflage and pineapple print numbers.

rszcollage_zara swimwear 2013_02
If color's not your type but you enjoy shorter swim shorts, these two here are just perfect for you.

rszcollage_zara swimwear 2013_03
Conservative solid color with just a touch of loud, or go all-out with bright colors.

For more of Zara's swimwear offerings for 2013, click here.


  1. It takes a lot for a man to look good in swimwear, to be honest.



  2. Those are all actually super adorable, but I don't think my guy would wear any of them!

  3. I am voting for Topman. More things to look at, to choose.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. haha boxers)


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