Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 05.23.2013] Santacruzan kid

Okay, so this would have to be my most daring photo posted here on this blog -- me in briefs.

2013 05 23_flores de mayo 01.png

That's me sometime in the early 80s inspecting the just-completed four-poster Santacruzan arc for me and my partner. I don't seem too pleased.

In the Philippines, the Santacruzan is a quasi-religious pageant usually held on the last day of May in culmination of Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May), a month-long tribute to the Virgin Mary with kids honoring her with prayers and flowers. The Santacruzan involves a procession of various "queens" and their escorts under decked-up archs, including Reyna Elena (Queen Helen) with her son Constantine.

2013 05 23_flores de mayo 02.png
Me and other kids waiting for the procession to start.

2013 05 23_flores de mayo 03.png
Strutting our stuff around the village.

2013 05 23_flores de mayo 04.png
My partner here was a neighbor and who's also half-white.

Since then, I have never again participated in another Santacruzan until my college years when a colleague of an aunt asked me to escort her daughter in another baranggay's event. Awkward, since I didn't even know them.


  1. so nice childhood photos! xxx

  2. Beautiful post !!!!


  3. omg so cute!!!


  4. Not only enjoy seeing this but it is really nice to read things about cultures you are not familiar with.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. You were so cute back then so innocent sir!

    1. but i am still so cute and so innocent. hehe.

  6. oh my god how absolutely cute and adorable you were here;)
    love and kiss,mary


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