Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chalet Baguio Hotel is no chalet but is nice nonetheless

So let's get this straight right from the start: Chalet Baguio is no chalet. It's made of concrete and has absolutely none of that Swiss Alps feel associated with cottages. It's just how they wanted to name their hotel, that's all. However, despite the misnomer and the constricted space, it proved to be a nice place to stay in Baguio.

Lovely wall decor at Chalet Baguio. This was by the staircase right next to the elevator.

Architecture and ambiance
Chalet Baguio is located along the Upper Military Cutoff Road and is just a short cab ride from the Victory Liner bus terminal. From the street, the hotel looks like a two-storey structure but because this is Baguio, the building actually extends a few more levels down below.

Apart from the two storeys visible from the road, there are a few more levels down below.

This is a small hotel and has none of that cozy, log cabin feel. It's all concrete but the lobby lets in a lot of light because of its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. About two-thirds of the lobby's floor area is taken up by its restaurant Dulcinea, so there's very little space left for the front desk and a couch. But I like the backlit wall pieces that hang by the lobby and near the elevator.

Reservation and check-in
The hotel has an online booking system but I can't comment on this because we booked via Agoda. Nonetheless, check-in was smooth. The hotel staff were very friendly and polite.

Restaurant to the right, front desk to the left.

I don't know how the hotel is related to the Dulcinea chain of restaurants but because it's Dulcinea, the food here is fairly good where, of course, I had to have some churros.

Breakfast, however, is another story, which doesn't come from Dulcinea's menu. On our first day, it was a plated breakfast from the usual Continental, Filipino, and American options -- which wasn't bad, to be honest. On Day 2 there was a buffet but still with the usual breakfast suspects of scrambled eggs, daing na bangus (dried milkfish), longganisa, adobo, and company, with a few slices of fruit.

Because it's just a small space, they relegate some of the diners to one of their function rooms if the place gets packed.

Apart from the breakfast, our booking came with free dinner, but which we never got to try even when the hotel staff told us we could have it as a "to go" item that we could bring to our room. Coffee was at the lobby for everyone to enjoy all day until 10pm, something you can also bring to your room. Heck, you can even bring your breakfast to your room! This came in handy because when My Bibe was not up to going to the lobby for breakfast, I simply got her some food and brought it to our room. It's a rather peculiar thing but it's an awesome peculiar thing!

Our room
As expected, the room was small. Ours was a double deluxe (Php 3,800 a night) with an odd polygonal layout. It had cable TV, a daybed by the window, a bedside lamp, a small closet with a few drawers, and a non-functioning safe. There was a thermos but no coffee-making facility (but you can always get coffee or hot water downstairs).

The room was airconditioned and clean. The bathroom was just about right in terms of space but the hot water was only available to the shower, so you'll have to contend with really cold water when brushing your teeth. Water pressure in the shower was quite weak, too.

The view upon entering the room; weird layout but effective use of space.

Like the backlit frames at the lobby, there's another one here but in a different design.

A different view of the room, this time from the daybed.

The bathroom was spacious enough in relation to the size of the room.

For the price, I still think it's a nice room.

Other than the function rooms, restaurant, and KTV at the basement, there's not much going on here. There's no spa but you can call for a massage in your room. Smokers can puff away either outside the hotel lobby or at the 3rd floor where a pocket garden beckons. Meanwhile, parking at the hotel's facade is limited but there are more slots at the basement.

Smoking area.

In hindsight
Despite the limited space and facilities, Chalet Baguio is still a relatively nice place to stay in Baguio, especially when one considers the price. Just avoid rooms near the KTV area, I've heard. It may not be my first choice but I have no qualms staying here again. Besides, the staff are great and their service sure makes up for what else the hotel lacks. Moreover, what hotel allows you to bring your food to your room?

Chalet Baguio Hotel is just a short cab ride from the Victory Liner bus terminal. The ride will just cost you between Php 51 to Php 55.

Room rates range from Php 2,800 for a superior room to Php 7,000 for a quad-sharing family suite.


  1. Love the interior design of this place! One word: AMAZING!

  2. Thank you very much for the review. We appreciate it, all comments noted :)
    We look forward in serving you again.

    -Chalet Baguio

  3. The hotel looks great and it's really fun to have great accommodations when in Baguio but let's be honest, it's a little bit pricey. To get your money's worth, here's a deal I found for two people planning for a 3D2N stay at Chalet Hotel, Baguio:

  4. Wow! the hotel is amazing, good and affordable rooms.


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