Monday, September 30, 2013

Snapshots from Laiya

On our recent trip to Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, I tried to break away from my usual routine as far as taking pictures on our holidays is concerned. So apart from ourselves and the resort in Laiya where we stayed, I tried at least once to walk around and snap some shots of what else is there outside our resort, and here's what I got...

I reckon they must be from somewhere nearby and were headed home after work at one of the resorts. My Bibe would freak out at the size of this outrigger (or lack thereof) yet one of them was comfortably texting her way away.

The sight of these outrigger boats remind you that before all these resorts came to be, Laiya was and still is, a fishing community.

A number of these boats set out to sea at night to fish.

A staff at one of the nearby resorts starts collecting their kayaks as nightfall approaches. It's also interesting to see here how resorts and fishing boats are interspersed throughout Laiya's shoreline.

A feathered friend takes flight. You'll see a few of them and other bird species around the area.

Aside from the bigger birds, one can never miss spotting these familiar small ones.

Bookending this long stretch of beach is this rock formation. I overcame my laziness and was finally able to check it out up close.

At the bend following the rock outcrop is this gorgeous view of a rocky surface, sea, and a mountain with such lush greenery.

The rock outcrop from the other side.

It's a nice landscape here that's an equally nice photo subject.

Without a tripod, I tried my best to keep myself still and steady and shoot at a much lower shutter speed.

Even without a tripod, I think I managed a half-decent job here, haven't I? And isn't it amazing how nature can just chop these rocks off?

That's a long beach, photo taken atop the rock outcrop.

I hope to do more posts like this. I feel like a photographer already. Haha!


  1. This are amazing pictures! Specially the first one I really love it.


  2. All these pictures are so AMAZING, Hope I could be that good with the camera! Thanks for the lovely comments, friend :)

  3. I think i Need more vacacion. Great snapshot

  4. Lovely photos! <3 My mom and her family resides in Laiya Batangas! ^_^ I wonder what is the name of the resort?


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