Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 09.05.2013] Training the new recruits

Although I've been out of mountaineering since the last quarter of 2005, a colleague from the Smart Mountaineering Club asked me to talk about the club's history at the start of this year's Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) for new recruits. Having been part of the core team that institutionalized the club (translation: I'm old), they thought I would be in a better position to give this retrospective account.

And this request reminded me of this:

2013 09 05_bmc b1 01

Yes, I had discussed a few topics in BMCs of days past but I remember limiting myself to more basic topics like climb organization, ethics, and the like, and shying away from more advanced topics like ropemanship and orienteering. This session here was for Batch 1 back in October 2004.

2013 09 05_bmc b1 02
Me and a co-facilitator checking out the group discussions.

It's great to see that even if people like me have come and gone in the club, there are still other people around to carry on the torch. Good luck to Batch 8 and good luck to SMC!


  1. I knew you looked familiar when we visited earlier for the trick or treat event in SMART. I assume we were the last group to arrive and luckily you were still in your Dark Lord costume. BTW, we are all from batch 8 of SMC. See you in SMC's future activities. Cheers!

    1. alright then. hope to see you (though i'm not really active anymore).
      long live smc!


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