Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Throwback (Travel) Thursday 09.12.2013] A look back at Laiya and Kwittie Boy's first beach outing


That's the face of a very paranoid cat. Our dear Kwittie Boy is not used to being around unfamiliar people or territory. We feel guilty that we don't get to bring him (and our two other cats) out really and this one time that we took him to the beach with us back in February 2007 was definitely something he did not enjoy. He spent the whole time under one of the beds in our room and didn't really eat much or go to his litter box either, a behavior he once again exhibited when we had a short getaway with the cats at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay last year.

Six years and seven months later My Bibe and I are checking out the beach in Laiya, Batangas once more. I can't believe it's been that long and I thought of reminiscing our time back then -- when I was several pounds lighter and before all the surgery scars.

Basking under the sun is one thing I definitely love.

Far from a perfect body but this was leaps and bounds better than how I look today.

The beach at Laiya is probably the best that you can have that's within driving distance from Manila. It's still a long drive, though. The cream-colored sand may be porous and a bit coarse but at least it's not rocky. Coupled with its generous width, the beach can be a good spot for sunbathing and other activities.

This long strip of beach is filled with a mix of resorts and local fishing communities, so it's not uncommon to see cabanas and beach umbrellas interspersed with fishing boats. Well, at least it was back then.

The beach is wide enough for everyone's enjoyment.

My Bibe enjoying the sun while reading on her copy of Vogue.

Father and daughter sharing a happy moment.

We stayed at Balai sa Laiya back then, though I believe the resort no longer exists. It was a nice and simple resort, with wide, spacious grounds and lots of shade courtesy of its humongous trees. There's an elevated wooden structure where the restaurant was, which was a pretty nice spot to just sit back.There were beachfront rooms housed in concrete structures and there were native-style accommodations far back from the beach. We got the latter, which was small and had bamboo flooring but was air-conditioned and had a little porch. The price we paid already included full-board meals, which I thought was a pretty good deal already.

Me in front of one of the beachfront accommodations.

My mingming Bibe.

After spending the whole morning under the sun, it was time for us to seek some shade. Told you there was lots of shade.

Feeling sexy. It doesn't mean it's factual, though.

Feeling hot. Again, it doesn't mean it's factual.

How I wish Laiya wasn't a four to five-hour drive.

I hope our Laiya trip will be just as great as our first time. Too bad there will be no cats with us this time around. But then, maybe Kwittie Boy is actually relieved that we can't bring him along.


I don't know how to commute going to Laiya but if you're driving, you just go straight to the end of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and into the Star Toll Way entrance. The two expressways are now connected.

Take the Lipa exit and drive towards the city, past La Salle Lipa towards a rotunda where you'll see a McDonald's. Take the road to the right.

Make a left after the first block, continue on along CM Recto Ave., then turn right at the corner of the Mercury Drug.

Turn left at the road sign pointing to Padre Garcia, then turn right after passing the Padre Garcia town market.

Continue driving and merge with the road coming from Rosario. Once you see the sign leading to the Batangas Racing Circuit, turn left and head straight for the town of San Juan. Drive past Dunkin Donuts and Park n' Go on your right and onto the San Juan Municipal Hall.

Turn right immediately after the municipal hall. This is now the main road of Laiya but which still entails a long 23-kilometer drive. Exact directions to your resort may vary from hereon.


  1. Sexy jejeje un lugar paradisiaco y en buena compaƱia saludos

  2. These are some great beach photos but I must confess that the cat on the first pic is just beautiful. And huge.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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