Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013: My first time attending any blogger event

Yes, I have never attended any blogger-related event up until Blogapalooza 2013. I never really thought about it that much when I signed up. I was going alone, which was quite the step for me since I hardly know any other bloggers. But I showed up last Nov. 16 at the SMX Aura and I must say I actually enjoyed the experience.

After registering, I went inside the hall and was greeted by rows of booths from partners and sponsors. At the rear was a stage and a few chairs where a program went on for the whole day. YouTube sensations Mikey Bustos and Bogart the Explorer were onstage when I first checked out what was happening. They were talking about vlogging (video blogging) in a talk show-type panel discussion hosted by Blogapalooza main man Vince Golangco. It was fun watching them and I really wanted to steal Mikey's wings!

All about vlogging: Bogart the Explorer and Mikey Bustos.

After a few more talks, bloggers were treated to a series of standup comedy routines courtesy of Comedy Cartel. My favorite of course was Tim Tayag, who was completely uncensored he even tackled Jesus' abs.

Funny man Tim Tayag.

Apart from spots allotted for sponsors to pitch their products, talk about partnerships with bloggers, and even to host some games and raffles, there were also talks worth listening to. Well of course there was FHM hottie Karen Bordador and the wacky trio of Sam YG, ToniTony, and SlickRick from Boys Night Out, but I did pick up a few lessons from digital marketing expert Jason Cruz. Yes, I really paid attention to him.

I don't know how many booths were there but the range of products and services showcased was quite extensive. Food was never lost, of course, with affiliates Tempura Japanese Grill, Karate Kid, Congo Grille, and Flavors of China hosting a buffet for bloggers. Chooks to Go, Gavino's Japanese Donuts, and Plato Wraps were also not far behind, giving away yummy samples to everyone. Chef's Noodle, on the other hand, handed out some premium items.

I also had one too many cups of coffee that day courtesy of Figaro and something I'm very thankful for discovering, Brownbag Coffee Solutions.

Brownbag Coffee Solutions: I really loved their coffee!

While the ladies queued up for a nail pampering session courtesy of Lulu Nails & Dry Bar and some offerings from BYS Cosmetics and YSA Skin Care Products, the health-conscious sampled out some wheatgrass juice from Wheatgrass C.A.N. International Inc. and checked out the Slenda and New York Theraspine booths. The mommies, on the other hand, dropped by RichPrime Toys.

There were also booths by The Mind Museum, the cool new app GrabTaxi, premium item and giveaway makers Ambient Digital and Eagle's Wings Enterprises, online wine retailer, real estate search service ZipMatch, Whirlpool and Fujidenzo appliances, Miles & Levels, Hungry Juan, and LazerXtreme (who gave out GCs for free games).

I was slightly disappointed there weren't much fashion-related brands at the event, but I was more than happy to see Tiño's Suits and Barongs was there. It was also a pleasure talking about suits and tailoring with the owner's daughter. They gave away bow ties, not the clip-on type but the real deal, the one you have to tie yourself. Awesome, isn't it?

At the Tiño's booth.

On the telco front there was PLDT Home and Smart Bro. There's also this interesting VIP privilege card called EnjoytheBest that offers some seriously bigtime discounts and freebies. I'm still studying them further and will write about them soon.

At the PLDT Home booth.

Megaworld Lifestyle Malls had a fun spin-a-wheel game for bloggers. I guess I wasn't as lucky as some but I at least I got two movie passes to Eastwood Cinemas. Another hotel that's new on my radar is View Park Hotel in Tagaytay that I have to check out the next time I'm there. I was also lucky to win a spa GC from them!

Thank you, View Park Hotel for the spa GC!

At the end of the day I was tired, admittedly. I guess it goes with age but hey, I had a great experience at Blogapalooza and I will forever remember it as my first.

Till next year! And to attending more blogger events!

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  1. This looks really cool...we had a blogger reunion/conference over here...though it was really small compared to that one..I do hope it will get better with each edition. Great thing on the bow ties.



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