Friday, December 6, 2013

A different kind of donut in Gavino's Japanese Donuts

One of the booths at this year's Blogapalooza was from Gavino's Japanese Donuts. Excited, I was instantly reminded of my first taste of Gavino's back in October, when I chanced upon their booth at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. I got a dozen and even asked a colleague to bring me more that same day.

01 20131003_141629
Tastes as good as it looks.

Interestingly, Gavino's is a Filipino brand. If you're wondering where's the Japanese in all of this, it's in the donuts' consistency. Unlike your usual fried variety, these are mochi donuts that have a chewy consistency bursting with seriously gooey filling. Mmmmm was all I could say when I had my first bite.

Their product line is basically categorized into two: mochi donuts and mochi balls, each category having its own regular and premium flavors. However, they also have old-fashioned donuts, coffee, and tea available.

02 20131003_141829
Chewy, gooey goodness gracious!

I went for the mochi balls instead of the donuts and in the process consumed a lot more. But I'm sure you can't blame me. From the regular line, which cost about Php 15 apiece (or was it Php 20?), I've tried Chocolate, Red Velvet, Hazelnut, and Peanut Butter. From the more expensive premium line, I've so far tasted Red Velvet Pistachio, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Choco Lava, Almondo Cream, and something else whose name escapes me. The premium mochi balls retail for around Php 20 to Php 25 if I'm not mistaken. Prices go down, however, when you buy in boxes of 6 or 12.

03 20131003_142151
Each mochi ball is just oozing with premium filling.

04 20131003_141654
Gavino's mochi balls taste just as good as they look, I kid you not.

05 20131003_162523
It was actually hard choosing what to pick first. I mean, just look!

Personally, my favorites were the Choco Lava, Red Velvet Pistachio, and Peanut Butter, though I practically liked all of them. Now if this doesn't whet your appetite, I don't know what will.

Apart from Robinsons Galleria (right in front of the supermarket), outlets of Gavino's Japanese Donuts have been sprouting like mushrooms across Metro Manila. Just check out their Facebook page to see where else they have opened. Checking it actually did me some good because now I know they're finally available in Makati at the foodcourt area of Landmark. So yay!


  1. I gotta say those look great!

    happy weekend

  2. Everytime I visit your blog I found something new and exotic!!! This donuts are just amazing and looks really delicious ;)

  3. looks mouth watering....need to google where to find one close to me ASAP :)

  4. wow this seems so tasty! I'll always remember japanese cookies and cakes, so delicious!


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