Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 12.05.2013] Our second cat Foreman arrives

It was around September 2008 and we were about to move into a new apartment. My Bibe, who at the time was into online shopping on Multiply, came across something rather different from what she normally checks out on the now-defunct site. It was a kitten, a black one to be exact. He was up for adoption, hence, the "ad posting," which described him as a "quiet cat."

It hasn't even been two years since we got our first cat Kwittie Boy and I wasn't prepared for another one. My Bibe wanted him and I looked at each photo closely, looking for signs of his behavior or something that would support my hesitation. Secretly, though, the thought of having an all-white fluffy cat (that's Kwittie Boy) and an all-black shorthair seemed exciting to me. But after some discussion between us and while My Bibe checked out the Multiply post about this kitty almost everyday, we decided to adopt him.

The cat formerly known as Snowflake, here with his former mom Rej.

Then on October 1 we met up with this couple, Oneal and Rej (now happily married), at a Starbucks in Makati. They drove us home with our little black baby inside his pet carrier. They called him "Snowflake" but because of our love for House (the TV series) back then, we re-christened him "Foreman."

Foreman was more than two months old when we adopted him. He warmed up easily to both of us and was quick to explore his new territory. You can also say he was indeed a quiet cat, at least when he first came, because he'd be making all these weird sounds as he got older. In fact, the poor thing was making prolonged "Meow-wow-wow" noises the next morning, looking for his mom perhaps.

Foreman with his new Mommy Cat.

But then someone didn't seem too pleased with the arrival of the new black cat, someone who'd perch himself high atop the stairs but well within everyone's view, someone who surveyed the new kitty with that unmistakable look of derision and contempt...

Oh, that look of contempt. The big white fluff sure wasn't pleased.

Kwittie Boy probably felt his territorial right had been violated.

While the big white fluff isolated himself, everyone was cooing over poor little Foreman.

We know cats are very territorial but hey, chill. There's a new cat in our family, so deal with it. But Kwittie Boy just hissed and growled his way whenever we tried to bring the two closer while little Foreman was probably clueless as to what was actually happening.

Fangs out: Kwittie Boy in an unusual ferocious mode.

Well, in spite of all that hissing, growling, and show of fangs, we found the two already playing after two days. So everything's been settled then.

Foreman wasn't necessarily the cutest kitten. Yes, you can say he was ugly but my, has he turned up to be this handsome full-grown feline!

Okay, Foreman may not have been that cute kitten that everyone adores...

...but he's grown into this fine gentleman of a cat.

We love you, Foreman!



  1. In love with your cats! You're good taking animal pictures, it is so hard for me!

    1. oh, you have no idea how many blurred images i have.


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