Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 12.12.2013] Moving out

Just moved in to a new place we're calling home. While there is, of course, excitement, moving out entails lots of work and causes lots of stress. This was very much the same case five years ago when we first moved out of an old apartment and into a new one--as a couple. And boy did we buy a lot of boxes!

01 DSC_8534
Just some of the boxes and other stuff ready for the big move in September 2008.

Back then we only had one cat, Kwittie Boy, who was ever curious with all the packing and all the chaos leading up to the big day. (This time we moved four cats with us.)

02 091720082025
Kwittie Boy whispering to me about not doing anything stupid. "Do you see this knife?" he said.

03 091720082026
Of course he's the boss, so I never dared crossing him.

That move-out brought us back to fussing over at swatches at the hardware and deciding on paint colors (because we wanted at least the bedrooms repainted). As usual, the un-handyman in me was fascinated by the act of mixing paint: a few drops of this, another of that... and then sending them to a machine to mix them properly. I only knew manually mixing paint so I was again awed by how the machine vigorously shook the paint cans vertically to blend the colors together.

04 091320082015
A few drops of black...

05 091320082017
Mixing paint by stirring seemed so ancient because apparently shaking was the way to go. Think cocktails, baby!

Then of course there was the big truck to ferry everything from Point A to Point B. And the mess that followed once they've unloaded everything. How to even begin arranging them all?

06 091820082031
Ze truck.

07 DSC_8540
Chaos at the first floor. It's hard to fit in lots of stuff in very little space.

08 DSC_8552
The master bedroom was actually two small rooms with the wall torn down to make way for a bigger room.

09 DSC_8558
And the other room automatically became storage space (that we never really fully managed to fix up until we left the place.)

And our dear Kwittie Boy just took to hiding after being forced out of his comfort zone. Well, he's also not used to being around lots of people to begin with. In this apartment, he would soon be joined by three other cats through the course of five years, the first of which being Foreman.

10 DSC_8537
Neurotic kitty.

We still have a lot more to do at our new place but hopefully we can finally declare we're all settled soon. 

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