Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 12.26.2013] Our first tree

Nearly a year after My Bibe and I moved in together, we got our first tree for Christmas 2006. As with practically everyone else in the Philippines, it was a plastic tree. In this part of the world, not everyone can afford, or would choose to have, a real pine tree since it would have to be imported from halfway around the world, not to mention it would be very costly.

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Our lowly tree, squeezed in between the TV and the bookshelf.

Both of us were in agreement that we didn't want a small tree. Maybe a 5-foot one would do, we thought. However, we were faced with a dilemma in that space was a bit of a problem in our new apartment. Luckily we found a slim-fit tree. Yes, it's not just pants and shirts; Christmas trees come in slim-fit designs, too.

With the tree down, up next were the ornaments, which would prove more expensive than the tree itself. We settled for a green theme, with brown-tipped green faux poinsettias, green glittery contraptions, green ribbons, and some gold balls for contrast.

02 11192006648
I'm still taller than the tree, not to mention fatter.

01 11192006910
By the time we Kwittie Boy, the tree was already up.

The tree is still with us today and has since sported a handful of other themes through the years--from an all-gold color scheme, to an all-blue ensemble (LED lights included), and then to the classic red and gold. Putting up the Christmas tree is always a joy to me and is something I always look forward to.

But tearing it down is another story.


  1. i agree. if buying a plastic tree is already expensive, imagine what a real pine tree would cost. growing up back in pinas, we got a decent plastic tree. not too big, not too small.

  2. I agree, I really want to have a real tree and its available in S&R but problem its expensive and how to send it back to my home (province) so we settle for plastic:)

    I love putting up the tree:) every year we change the ornaments:) this year we hang cute teddy bears and candy year planning to change it to white in pink ornaments or purple:)

    Wishing you a great year ahead!


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