Thursday, February 6, 2014

[Lookbook 02.06.2014] Sweater weather no more


With the abrupt end to our little tropical cold spell, I was kinda forced to move on from wearing sweaters all the time. I realized I haven't worn a tie in a very long time and I felt like going a little "corporate" once again. But I just wasn't ready to take the plunge yet, so I ditched the tie for now.


But you know what, aside from just not being ready to wear a tie again, sometimes a shirt just begs to be worn without a tie, like this one here with some nice little details on the collar and along the button line.

ADM_2015 (2)

A blue shirt worn with gray pants works, so I thought why not extend it down to your socks. Argyle can be tricky but I've read from GQ a long time ago that the key to pulling it right is to have at least one color match another piece from your outfit. In my case, the light blue picks up from the light blue on my shirt (though I hope I'm doing it right).


And to complete the look, some serious spectacles! It offsets the trendiness of my shoes.


Have a nice day!

Shirt (Zara Man); charcoal gray pants (Topman); belt and socks (SM Dept. Store); shoes (Pedro).


  1. The details on the shirt are amazing! And the shoes are great as well.


  2. That kind of outfits are perfect for you! In love with your eyeglasses!


  3. love the details on the shirt. just the right amount...


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