Friday, February 7, 2014

[Lookbook 02.07.2014] Silver linings and greens


It was really bad I started the year sick and got confined for eight friggin' days at the hospital. But there's still a silver lining to it all, as I lost weight, however shallow and inane that may sound. Clothes that no longer fit me before are now back in rotation, like this pair of silver jeans here. It's actually a bit too big for me now around the waist. Still manageable with a belt, though.


I shunned all thoughts of wearing anything black with these jeans. I wanted to experiment a bit and ended up with some "greens" courtesy of my t-shirt and kicks. And so it won't be too bare, I threw in this striped white and navy thingamaging as well. And some white frames.


Happy weekend!
V-neck tee (Bench); draped vest (H&M); jeans (Penshoppe); kicks (Topman); eyeglasses (Hang Ten).

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