Sunday, March 9, 2014

A summer of sheer, patterns and bermudas

I know it's a little too "Fabio" to be wearing a shirt with such a deep cut and with no buttons--and in a sheer fabric at that--but hey, it's summer. Besides, the shirt looks good, on the model at least.

01 5445409250_2_1_1
Voile shirt with Mao collar, Zara (Php 2,595).

I love how the voile shirt (a shirt in a semi-transparent fabric) looks so fresh and crisp. And in a tropical country like ours, I reckon it won't look out of place at all, be it at some resort or a weekend stroll in the city. Even in black, the shirt looks nice.

02 5445409800_2_2_1
Voile shirt with Mao collar, Zara (Php 2,595).

The voile shirt, apart from looking good with full-length trousers, also look perfect with bermudas, particularly in light solid colors or micro-patterns. Tuck it in or let it hang loose, then pair them with espadrilles and you've got the perfect resort getup.

03 3392450406_1_1_1
04 3392450406_2_2_1
05 3392450406_2_5_1
Printed bermuda shorts with belt, Zara (Php 2,595).

But for a more youthful look, short shorts in printed patters are perfect. Goes well with a tank or any tee and a pair of sneakers, preferably fabric ones.

06 8574409400_2_1_1
07 8574409400_1_1_1
Jacquard pattern shorts, Zara (Php 1,995).

Now I wish I had the money :(


  1. I really love those shirts. Everything looks really great!

  2. maybe @ a beach or somewhere tropical. for work (for me that is), definitely a no go.


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