Monday, April 14, 2014

Return to Moon Garden

Just one of the beautiful lilies at Moon Garden, its petals ruffled by the wind.

It was a return to one of our nice, quiet spots in Tagaytay two weekends ago, especially after all the humidity and chaos of Enchanted Kingdom where I got myself a funny hoodie. Although we've only been here once before--just last year actually--we loved Moon Garden, and I'm glad to see that practically nothing has changed since our first visit. Even the room rate was still at Php 2,990!

Reading through my year-old review of Moon Garden, I think it's safe to say that everything I wrote there still stands. The room's the same, the service is the same, everything.

Moon Garden at twilight.

We arrived late in the afternoon already and after a quick bite and a few minutes of rest, we got ready for our little dinner date and left. It was only until the next morning that we got to fully reacquaint ourselves with the place. Our breakfast was served at one of the cabanas by the artificial pond, perfect for savoring the Tagaytay morning breeze.

My view at breakfast.

Her view at breakfast. Not as nice as mine, though.

Okay, at least one thing has changed. Or at least I just didn't notice them before. Look at the photo below. Notice anything?

Notice anything?

There were lots and lots of frogs in the pond! At first you won't notice them as they blended perfectly against the water lilies and all that green. I even wonder if they're overpopulated already. But hey, they kept me entertained.

06return to moon garden_2014 04 05-06
So which one is the prince here?

Of course I also loved the garden, which isn't the perfectly manicured type that I usually prefer. Everything's just so nice. I also took home a couple of twigs from that gorgeous bougainvillea with white flowers. Even the leaves had white streaks on them.

07return to moon garden_2014 04 05-008
If I had a pond at home, I want this plant.

08return to moon garden_2014 04 05-007
Flowers all abloom.

Maybe it was because of the lilies but Moon Garden once thought of a change in name to Lily's Pond, which in my opinion only confused guests.

10return to moon garden_2014 04 05-009
I would love to have a hanging garden like this. Too bad I live in the city.

11return to moon garden_2014 04 05-010
Hoping that the bougainvillea twigs I took and planted at home will all grow into something even half as beautiful as this.

12return to moon garden_2014 04 05-011
Don't you just find all this green relaxing?

The hardwood dining sets are still around.

The main lounge area is also a nice spot to be.

Er, it didn't have to be exactly like the statue, right?

The moonface and the moon.

You can check out my previous review for directions on how to get to Moon Garden along with other information about this quaint little bed and breakfast.

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