Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tasteful home design at Lucina

The Lucina store façade cleverly makes it appear like there are four different stores but which actually correspond to how items are arranged inside. And yes, there are four different doors.

Thanks to My Bibe's Instagram-hopping, I got introduced to a nice little shop for home furniture, art, and decor called Lucina in Sta Rosa, Laguna. It was the perfect time as we spent the weekend in Tagaytay and the store was right along the highway. We already spotted it while driving to the upland city and made a quick stop on our way home.

The window displays promise a host of really good pieces inside.

The store's exterior was designed into four different sections, each with its own aesthetic and even its own door. This affords the store the look of four different shops. While it's really just one store, the varied exterior cleverly corresponds to a particular section inside, where pieces are arranged according to a theme.

The leftmost section features a lot of art, particularly ornately framed paintings, with a selection of chairs, tables, consoles, cabinets, and headboards that fit into this space's gray and blue hues. Because of these colors, it's easily my favorite corner in the shop.

The next section was more Martha Stewart-esque with its country living feel. The pieces here, from chandeliers to consoles and distressed armchairs, are dominated by white. Right next to this space are darker hues and metal pieces thrown into the mix of light-colored furniture that altogether evoke a more elegant old-world charm.

The rightmost space is all things kitchen where you'll find ceramic plates, saucers, trays, cups, mugs, and a lot of imported cookies, crackers, and chocolate. There are also some throw pillows, rugs, and linen here.

Oh yes, you had me at blue and gray.

Whether polished or distressed, you gotta love the furniture here.

Shabby chic country living.

The store sources pieces from a variety of suppliers but as regards the furniture, it's mostly made and hand-painted by Lucina. While they do custom modern and contemporary furniture, I noticed they're really good at distressing--that finishing technique that lends an aged and antique look to any intricately carved wood. Here you'll find none of those garishly varnished living and dining room sets from most local furniture-makers (which is sad, by the way, since some of them use really good wood).

Lucina is also not just a furniture and home decor store. They can also design spaces for you, be it a window display, a shop, a room, or even a whole house. They'll help you tie up pieces together for a coherent look however mismatched they seem to be. Price tags for these services are not set but they're willing to work with whatever budget you have. And Lucina's dynamic duo--Joel and Paul--are really friendly and approachable.

Lamps, chairs, vases--they have everything here.

Nice headboard and console, huh? But it's the leather lounge chair that I really want.

From cabinets to lighting fixtures, they can help you pick from all these pieces to design your space.

Ceramics and everything else for your kitchen. Brought home a handful of imported cookies that I sure don't regret.

I told Joel and Paul that the store just begs for a little coffee shop or at least a corner where coffee and pastries are served. Hopefully, they said, they can set up one as they're opening in a few months a new thousand-square meter space just a few feet away that will serve as both their warehouse and showroom. Maybe there they can spare a corner for coffee.

But what will happen to the current store? They're still going to retain it, I was told.

Paul and Joel of Lucina.

Lucina is located right along the highway coming from Sta Rosa going to Tagaytay. It's on the left side next to Gatass Station and Recados Restaurant. You'll drive way past Nuvali and PNPA, after which, you gotta keep an eye to your left as there aren't any other landmarks. If you've already reached Ming's Garden, go back because it means you've missed it already.

Got this map from their Facebook page; hope it helps you picture the location better:


For more info about Lucina, head over to or


  1. wow amazing shop
    i'd want to have all

    Mi blog by Amo

  2. ubusan ng pera sa store na 2! di ako pwde pumunta! hahahaha!

  3. They have a branch a Solenad 3, Nuvali


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