Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The "watching hour" at East Dane

I just realized I have a bunch of wristwatches that have been lying unused inside a drawer because their batteries needed replacement. I know all it's supposed to take is a trip to the watch repair guy but you just can't have enough watches, can you? I mean, especially when you see a classic beauty like this Daniel Wellington Cardiff watch here that I spotted on menswear shopping site East Dane:

01 watches
Daniel Wellington Cardiff 40mm Watch in rose gold, with brown leather strap.

If there's one excuse I can make for wanting this, it's the fact that I don't have any watch with a brown leather strap. I'm also digging the rose gold color, something I also don't have, and that it's thin and classic in its design, which would go perfectly with any business attire.

But then East Dane has loads of other beauties.

01 watches2
Komono Winston Watch
Okay, this is a brand I honestly haven't heard of before but the combination of the bluish gray watchface with the cognac strap on this piece is perfection.

01 watches1
G-Shock GA-110 Watch
While this timepiece won't go well with a business suit, it sure is one handsome piece nonetheless. I could use some sporty sometimes.

01 watches3
Braun Classic Square Watch
Pardon me for my ignorance but I never thought Braun made watches. That said, the brand does a mighty fine job with this minimalist square watch.

01 watches5
Tom Dixon Block Watch
Another square-shaped beauty, but how about some gold this time?

01 watches4
Miansai M2 White Watch with Dual Tone Leather Band
Here's another watch with a classic design but with a playful twist, thanks to its two-tone leather strap. It instantly gives this timepiece an instant oomph.

01 watches6
Marc by Marc Jacobs Jimmy Watch
Wow, even the likes of Marc Jacobs are carried by East Dane!

There's just loads more available, what with more than 200 designers on their site. If that sounds a bit overwhelming to you, fret not because East Dane is easy to navigate. You can search whichever way you want--by designer or by a specific type of clothing or accessory. There's also a styling guide section to help you in your shopping. What's more is that they offer free express delivery worldwide and promise easy returns.

I'm loving this site already!


  1. Beautiful watches...the Minsai one was my favourite, would buy it in a minute.


  2. Cool selection! love the first one. The brown leather allways gives elegance to the looks.
    Thaks for your visit, but for sure you have hair! ;)
    see u soon dear

  3. Super sleek watches! xxx

  4. The Daniel Wellington watch is really slick and timeless. My mom give me the gold version in blue animal strap:) you should get one:)

  5. I like the Braun watches. I have a thing for square faces.

    xxxo from San Francisco,





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