Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[Lookbook 09.17.2014] A touch of 80s

01 20140917_083343

The morning after I turned another year older...picked up the cats and did an impromptu lookbook shoot with an S5 while waiting for our ride. Cats being cats, they naturally weren't too pleased about it.

02 20140917_083214
Foreman and I refuse to look at each other, let alone acknowledge each other's existence.

03 20140917_083223
But then comes our little girl Thordis and the ice instantly melts.

There's a slight touch of 80s in my outfit today. Just look at the rolled-up short sleeves, the slightly loose fit, and the slightly longer length of the shirt. I haven't worn it in maybe a year, so I guess it was high time I did.

I thought some skinny trousers would provide the right contrast to the loose shirt, which by the way, just begged to be untucked. And because I wasn't feeling too "corporate" today, I decided on some boots.

04 20140917_083237
Picked up the little girl.

05 20140917_083201
Stand still and don't mind the four-legged shadows at your feet.

06 20140917_083333
"You, what are you looking at?" says the little boy.

07 20140917_083252
Little girl doesn't want to cooperate, so the claws are out as she looks away from the camera.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!
Short-sleeved shirt (H&M); skinny pants (Topman); boots (Linea Italia); watch (Pebble Steel); frames (Hang Ten).


  1. You look adorable, and that shirt is truly amazing!


  2. September 16th was my birthday, as well ! :) Love how you left the shirt outside of the jeans, it looks great !

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  3. I want your skinny trousers! Been looking for that kinda cut man. Yes it looks great on relaz top even on white simple shirt;)


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