Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Lookbook 10.01.2014] "Button-down" buttoned up

"Hooh! Who's that guy?" our little girl Thordis mused.

I'm not trying to be some snooty menswear guru but I get irked every time I see posts advertising "button-downs" when they're all simply referring to a buttoned shirt (or button-front shirt, if you will). I see them everywhere, ironically even on local men's fashion magazines and from local brands themselves.

I've long learned that a button-down is a shirt whose collar tips are fastened to the shirt's front panel with buttons, hence the name. By no means does it refer to any shirt with buttons on the front as a lot of local brands and magazines purport them to be.

With Thordis constantly walking to and fro, and persistently rubbing herself against my pants, I just had to pick her up.

Anyhow, because of all this button-down misuse I decided to button up--all the way up to the neck. I'm normally wont on wearing a bow tie whenever I wear short-sleeved shirts this way but somehow I thought of leaving the shirt as it is.

The shirt went tucked into these slim-fitting pants that are part of my "new old clothes" collection. Dang, I don't know how long I can fit into these pants at the rate I'm eating but whatever, I'm enjoying the moment. So I finished off the look with brown leather that go perfectly with the pants's teal color.


Happy hump day, everyone!
Short-sleeve shirt (Uniqlo); pants (Mundo at The Ramp); monk-strap brogues and belt (Zara Man).


  1. Nice and casual look i like it
    nice blog btw

    Greets Jon,
    New look on the blog: BLACK LAYERS

  2. I like the simplicty of your look. Casual, yet if you add a few elements could be dressed up. Love it.

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