Saturday, November 15, 2014

Custaroon Poppers: Delectable bite-size goodies

Custaroon Poppers.

Going through my phone gallery I was reminded of--and am now craving for--these Custaroon Poppers from Gigi Gaerlan Custaroonery we had almost 2 months ago now.

Custaroon poppers are bite-size custaroon balls coated with chocolate powder. A play on custard and macaroon, a custaroon is just that: a smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy macaroon layer. Sounds yummy enough? You bet. Besides, it's always sheer joy when you get to discover a new food item every now and then, just like when I first got acquainted with kashi maki.

A box of pure delight.

Gigi's packaging is as good as what's inside.

My first introduction to custaroons came a few years ago through a former office colleague who brought a box or two for sharing. Simply put, I loved it. At the time it was simply called Gigi's Custaroons or something and if my memory serves me right, my colleague got them all the way from Libis in Quezon City. Since then we made at least a couple of friendly requests for her to buy us some boxes. Hey, even the packaging looked so cute and dainty.

Fast-forward to October 2014, I was trying a rather new offering from Gigi: her custaroon poppers. Instigated by another colleague, we pooled in orders because yes, they now deliver! The chewy balls came in 4 flavors: original, chocolate, matcha, and coffee. Because I wanted to try all of them, I opted for assorted, which cost Php 410 for a box of 25. Had I wanted it all original, it would just be Php 330.

Upon opening the box, however, there was no telling which one was matcha and which one was coffee because they all looked alike. It took me several pops before I was able to try all 4 flavors. I wasn't complaining, though.

The box opened to 25 dark brown balls and with it came a packet of chocolate powder for more dusting.

What the matcha, or green tea flavored custaroon popper looked like.

Chocolate-flavored custaroon popper.

Custaroon popper in original flavor.

After several attempts, I finally got coffee.

Soft and creamy, the poppers were good. But personally I still like the custaroons better, be it original or cheese. Contents of boxes range from as few as 6 for the regular size custaroons to as many as 120 for the bite-size ones. Prices range from Php 210 to Php 1,320. Undecided between regular and cheese? You can have it half/half.

Gorgeous, aren't they, these custaroons?

Bite-size custaroons.

Gigi has also expanded its product line to include lemon squares and cookies. The number of shops is also increasing and I even spotted one at Century City Mall in Makati (Thank heavens!).

For orders you can call +632-713-1137 or +632-918-828-2929, although you're advised to order a few days in advance.

Right now I need to satisfy my craving.


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