Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween hangover | The Addams Family

01 20141031_225743
Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Okay, just one more. I know Halloween is long over and it's Christmas that's in everyone's head right now but I just couldn't move on without posting this.

A day after I sported a Voldemort Halloween costume, we had a little get-together with friends over wine. It was supposed to be a 90s theme but it turned out that My Bibe and I were the only ones excited enough to wear a costume. Anyway, instead of going all Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls we took to the movies of that decade and stumbled upon the delightful The Addams Family.

Being Gomez and Morticia Addams took nary an effort. We just pulled out stuff from our closets and that was it. My Bibe simply wore her hair long and donned a black dress. I, on the other hand, put on a pinstripe suit and bow tie. But since I had just shaved all of my facial hair to be Voldemort, My Bibe had to draw me a mustache with a pencil.

Anyway, here are a few photos from our laughter-filled evening at Commune (Oh, by the way, you gotta try this coffee shop!).

02 20141031_225839
Hardly a costume but we sure owned it.

03 image-e7df260e5ee494ba94de1a5e22b77fc3f0e370e039653350805bbddf9404adc3-V
A more complete Addams Family with Pugsley and Thing. Our friend Chelle instantly thought of transforming his son into my own mini-me. Perfect! We didn't have anyone who could be Wednesday, though.

04 image-f25d047cfa5cee6702ce3e5c0d6b2d66fa1d842bcc76725682a132ec07871f00-V
Because Gomez's eyes were quite bulging in the 90s movie, I constantly had to make mine appear bigger.

05 1606440_10204102112167624_4879353177690601347_o
06 10629351_10204102115567709_1319135363454754928_o
The whole gang. Chelle, who had just brought his son to a couple of Halloween events, had a bagful of all sorts of stuff with her from masks to wigs and props, so everyone instantly had costumes.
[Photos stolen from Reg Ramos of DR on the GO.]

07 20141101_000253
Gomez's mood suddenly turned sour. Better not cross him.

08 20141101_000234
I reckon I'd make a good axe-wielder.

09 20141101_000310
Cue blood splatter.

10 10712489_10204102118487782_3293600291818480303_o
Oh, selfies. And everyone miraculously fit into the frame. [Photo by Reg Ramos.]

So they promised to plan a proper Halloween party next year. Whether that will actually happen or not, we're always game.

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