Friday, March 20, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 20March2015: Highlighted and cropped

Emote pa more!

So long, cool breeze; it's been nice having you around. Now on we go with summer, which I'm totally embracing even if it means having to deal with sweltering heat and untoward humidity.

Quick, spot the cats in the photo!

Alright, so someone just unabashedly walked into my set. Christian Bale would go berserk if you did this to him.

Looks like I'm going for a weekend drive or something. Well, it's still a drive -- to the office.

No doubt my outfit here screams summer. While my last outfit post was also in tune with the season, it was more of a keeping it cool summer outfit kind of thing. Today, though, was a wild kind of day, like I'm wearing summer on my sleeve.

Pastels and light colors may be the perfect contrast to warm temperatures because they look refreshing, but neon tees just might be the perfect complement to the sun shining mightily bright and the stifling heat it brings.

Ignoring the temptation of tried-and-tested jeans, I picked cropped chinos to go with my neon crew neck tee here. The khaki shade provides a tamer companion piece, allowing the t-shirt's rather wild color to just, well, go wild. The length (or lack thereof), on the other hand, further speaks of a laid-back, casual vibe. The hems also reveal a contrasting plaid fabric underneath if you're feeling it.

For footwear I kept it neutral and consistent with the pants; nothing overpowering that would compete with the t-shirt. I picked loafers for comfort. The accessories I wore are likewise on the neutral side.

I'm staring at...........nothing. There's nothing there but the ceiling.

I don't know why but I felt kind of sexy in this tee even though I'm very well aware that I'm fat. Maybe it's the tight fit that somehow forces me to suck it all in.

Curious little kitty. I just had to pet him for a sec.

Thordis, the perennial photo bomber. She can't seem to stay still.

Me arguing with Thordis.

And some weird, what-the-hell-was-he-thinking pose.

Happy weekend, y'all!
T-shirt (Bench); cropped chinos (Mick + Marty at Zalora); loafers (Artwork); bag (Paul Smith).


  1. nice t-shirt! love it! ciao Andrea

  2. You look fantastic! That shirt is great. Love the colour.

  3. Cool shirt color...the bag is amazing!



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