Sunday, March 22, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 22March2015: The tank, the art, the park

The band's bassist who obviously doesn't know how to play bass.

Spent a good part of today at Art in the Park 2015, which Kwittiegirl and I have been looking forward to since, er, last year. But more on that in another post.

So what to wear to a park where a lot of art aficionados and curious souls alike were expected to descend, and when summer is just about getting started with its onslaught? Having already experienced Art in the Park last year I knew very well what to expect, and it involves sweating a lot and slugging it out with everyone else. I had to be prepared, so I picked a tank top.

Me in my "battle gear." Yes, it's a battle out there against everyone -- for artworks.

What a cutie. He's Ikabod Bubwit (Ikabod the Small Rodent), a Filipino cartoon/comic strip character.

An oversized Rubik's cube with TV screens right behind me.

Rocking it out at the park. Hell yeah!

I paired the tank with trusty jeans. But after putting on these green high-top sneakers, I suddenly thought of folding the hems. It was just a random thought and I was happy with the outcome. Then I finished the look with a bunch of bracelets.

Ikabod Bubwit may be a cute character but he's been given a tough makeover courtesy of wrought iron and metal.

It was while posing before this work-in-progress mural that I got "spotted."

And the countdown to the next Art in the Park begins!
Tank top (21 Men); jeans (Topman); sneakers (Zara Man); bracelets (Call It Spring).


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