Friday, April 24, 2015

FASHION | Get away from it all with these getaway bags

Spring, summer or whenever, there will always come times when you just want a quick escape. Even I make those occasional quick trips somewhere. And for those times you have to pack light because it's just a short trip after all.

Now to get yourself ready, first you need a bag, a proper bag that will fit all your essentials but which won't saddle you with all that bulk. Take a look at these five beauties here:

2015 04 24_getaway bags

(1) Getaway duffel from Owen and Fred
It's a casual design and which could be your perfect getaway bag. The leather trim and polished metal add an upscale touch.

(2) J.W. Hulme continental duffel bag
For a more elegant and dignified look. Crafted in the USA by the century-old leather shop, you can't go wrong with this one.

(3) Pebbled leather Wythe weekender by Ben Minkoff
Still what I would place under more elegant options for a weekender bag, this one, though, has a touch of sportiness or edginess, thanks to that contrasting side stripe.

(4) Color Visetos weekender by MCM
Another classic option, when you want your weekend bag monogrammed.

(5) Tumi Alpha 2 satchel
Okay, so you don't want any of that leather in your getaway bag because leather probably reminds you of work, from which you want to escape in the first place. This one here is crafted from ballistic nylon for a really casual look so you can feel completely relaxed throughout your trip.

So, are we set for the weekend?

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