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DINING | A quick take on La Finca Tagaytay

la finca 01
Stylish ceiling at newly opened La Finca.

A little over a month ago, and while on a strategic planning session with colleagues in Tagaytay, we tried out a new restaurant called La Finca for dinner. It's one of two restaurants at the very fab Domicillo Tagaytay bed and breakfast, both of which weren't open yet when Kwittiegirl and I stayed there in January this year.

I wouldn't call this a proper restaurant review because I had not taken any photos of the food. Well, except for dessert after the thought came to mind. I didn't bother checking the prices either because we were a big group and I wasn't the one ordering. I just ate. A lot.

But anyway.

Interiors and ambiance
With interiors characterized by varying shades of brown and gray, and with a few touches of yellow and green, La Finca is a warm and cozy dining spot, perfect for Tagaytay's cooler climate. It has floor-to-ceiling glass panels that presumably allow lots of natural light in (I said presumably because we went there at night). And why not when it has one of the best vantage points of the Taal Lake and Volcano?

la finca 02
Welcome to La Finca!

la finca 03
Warm and cozy interiors.

la finca 04
The bright white lights in the kitchen are in stark contrast to the dining area's warm, ambient lighting. Is it just me or does looking at the kitchen window feel like watching TV or something? Notice the fresh herbs, too?

la finca 05
Tables had to be moved to fit all 22 of us.

la finca 06
Lounge area by the entrance. Or can we have coffee at this spot?

All that openness, though, is softened by light brown blinds and curtains that all add to the restaurant's classy ambiance. Seating is also varied that there's even a pair of lounge chairs by the entrance. I don't know if these are meant for customers waiting for their table to be ready or if people who are just having coffee can opt to sit here. Either way, it's a nice setup. Outdoor seating is also available.

The stylish ceiling shouldn't be overlooked, too.

The food
La Finca may be Spanish but it serves mostly Filipino cuisine, though there's also pasta and salad. My colleagues had different reactions to different dishes but the general consensus was mostly positive. The bulalo tasted like it had some butter in it; some liked it while others, not so much. However, I think everyone agreed on the binagoongan that it was good.

What I really liked, though, were the prawns cooked in some aligue-like (crab fat) sauce and that pork dish with barbecue sauce. (Sorry, but I really don't know what they're called since I haven't seen the menu at all.)

la finca 07
Fruit panna cotta.

la finca 08
Chocolatey Messy.

Nearly everyone picked Chocolatey Messy for dessert, a concoction of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup on top of some yummy, crunchy stuff. The very few who went for panna cotta said it was also good.

Serving time was about average, but then they probably still weren't used to big groups yet. Still in soft opening at the time, I take it that they were still learning the ropes of this business. But hopefully they'll be able to iron out all the kinks, including those about VAT and the tabs, by the time they fully open.

In hindsight
With such classy interiors and a commanding view of the Taal Lake and Volcano, La Finca already deserves a try. The food is likewise good overall and I'm definitely giving it another go. However, I do expect the restaurant staff to fully warm up and master everything they need to know and do by then.

La Finca is located at Domicillo Tagaytay bed and breakfast. It's along the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay near the Petron gas station and sits just next to Joaquin's B&B.

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