Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TRAVEL | A relaxing retreat at Sitio de Amor Farm Resort

sitio de amor 01
Water gushing from a man-made lily pond at Sitio de Amor.

It's been more than a month already since we first stayed at Sitio de Amor Farm Resort in San Pablo City, Laguna. We did a little Viaje del Sol then and our stay came to be only because Sulyap Gallery Cafe, a bed and breakfast and restaurant with really good food and where we intended to stay for 2 nights, could only accommodate us for one. It all turned out to be a good thing for us in the end because Sitio proved to be a perfect fit for us.

This post is long overdue and fact is we've been back there already as of this writing. I guess it's about time I tell you about this B&B.

Friday, July 24, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 19Jul2015: Pining for pineapple


Now that's what you wear next to a giant pineapple. Go for an Aztec-patterned tank top, slouchy-crotched joggers, and a pair of sneakers.

Haha! Whatever. After 3 times of passing by the town of Calauan, Laguna and each time contemplating on stepping out of the car to take some photos of that kitschy pineapple statue in the town plaza but always giving in to that "maybe next time" thought, we finally did it. Woohoo!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 18Jul2015: Black and pixelated romp

Lovely lawn, interesting attraction, and a great backdrop. Taken at the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

It was a good thing we overcame total laziness last Saturday while on a short vacay in San Pablo City, Laguna and left the comforts of Sitio de Amor for a quick trip to nearby towns Nagcarlan and Liliw because we did enjoy.

For this trip I wore an old pair of shorts with a pixelated print. In deciding on something to pair it with, your safest -- and easiest -- bet is a plain-colored top. It could be a white shirt, a colored tank top, or in this case, a black tee. Prints are also welcome but in case of doubt, stick to plains.

LOOKBOOK | 17Jul2015: Cafe casual

Contemplating about where the hell is my food.

Weekend's almost here again (Woot! Woot!). It was great the last time since it was a long weekend and we went on a little trip down south once more.

Outfit-wise, my first day was about shorts and a polo in an ensemble that's loosely ethnic-inspired. I say loosely because it isn't exactly ethnic; just a faint resemblance of sorts. Maybe it's the front print of the polo, the beads, I don't know. Nevertheless, with this outfit I fit right in at the traditional Filipino-themed Patis Tito Garden Cafe where we had snacks before checking in at our B&B.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DINING | A convergence of design, art, and food at Patis Tito Garden Cafe

patis tito garden cafe 01
Patis Tito Garden Cafe is a place rich in design.

Sometime last month (or was it last May?) I read through a feature on Patis Tesoro from BusinessWorld's High Life magazine. Known for her creative takes on classic Filipiniana fashion and her predilection for indigenous materials like abaca and piƱa, Patis is regarded as the "Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion."

Several days later we found ourselves planning a Viaje del Sol and Patis Tito Garden Cafe entered our consciousness. With such a name attached to this restaurant, we sure made it part of our itinerary. After checking out at Sulyap Gallery Cafe, we dropped by for lunch before checking in at our next B&B, Sitio de Amor. Now here's a rundown of our experience.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

TRAVEL | The museum at Sulyap Gallery Cafe

sulyap gallery cafe museum 01
Anyone into sewing?

I recently posted about Sulyap Gallery Cafe where I mentioned that apart from being a cafe and bed and breakfast, it also has a museum of sorts. The museum, which occupies about half of the three-storey concrete building's ground floor, houses the owners's staggering collection of everything from old mills, lamps, and religious figures, to aparadors (clothes closet) and other old furniture.

Sulyap's owners (Roy Empalmado and Arthur Reyes) are collectors, hoarders if you may, and I mean it in a good way. Here we have two people who, on their own volition, have decided to gather bits and pieces of Filipino life from periods past. I don't even know where they get all these things but I'm glad they have decided to exhibit it somehow for others to appreciate. And let's not forget that the three casas that house the bed and breakfast and restaurant are also part of their collection, ancestral houses from elsewhere in the country that have been painstakingly dismantled and rebuilt on this property.

Allow me to take you around.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

TRAVEL | More than just a 'sulyap' at Sulyap Gallery Cafe

sulyap gallery cafe 01
The colors come alive as the afternoon sun hits the second floor of the cafe.

Finally had the time to write this. Three weeks ago over the Independence Day long weekend Kwittiegirl and I drove down south to San Pablo City in Laguna. We originally intended to do an ambitious Viaje del Sol (Way of the Sun), a design-your-own-tour around several establishments in the provinces of Laguna, Quezon, and Batangas engaged in leisure products and services that promote Filipino hospitality, cuisine, crafts, the arts, and other facets of Philippine culture and traditions.

We thought of visiting several towns in Laguna but ended up just holed up in San Pablo, spending the weekend relaxing and food-tripping at a very leisurely pace. People we've asked for recommendations often gave Casa San Pablo but I'm glad we played deaf and spent our first night at the lovely Sulyap Gallery Cafe.
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