Thursday, July 23, 2015

LOOKBOOK | 18Jul2015: Black and pixelated romp

Lovely lawn, interesting attraction, and a great backdrop. Taken at the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

It was a good thing we overcame total laziness last Saturday while on a short vacay in San Pablo City, Laguna and left the comforts of Sitio de Amor for a quick trip to nearby towns Nagcarlan and Liliw because we did enjoy.

For this trip I wore an old pair of shorts with a pixelated print. In deciding on something to pair it with, your safest -- and easiest -- bet is a plain-colored top. It could be a white shirt, a colored tank top, or in this case, a black tee. Prints are also welcome but in case of doubt, stick to plains.

In front of the chapel leading to the underground cemetery.

At the same chapel's doors.

As for the shoes and accessories, they're the same ones I wore throughout all 3 days of our weekend getaway. They had to suit every other outfit that I packed. It may limit variation but it can be a very convenient thing, especially if you're traveling by plane, boat, or other public transport.

Flip-flops for Big Foot. At the town of Liliw.

Somebody release me! Release me so I can go on another trip, please!

T-shirt (Cotton On); shorts (Flying Dutchman); shoes (Call It Spring); beads (a mix from Topman and H&M).

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